Doorless showers have been around for years, but they’ve never been as popular as they are today. Doorless walk-in showers are both functional and fashionable, and they fit into many bathroom designs. However, they’re not for everyone. Read on to learn about four of the key pros and cons of doorless showers that will make decisions about what type of shower or tub to install during a bathroom remodel easier.

Pro: Make the Bathroom Look More Spacious

A doorless shower can make any bathroom look spacious and feel more luxurious. Since there’s no door, there’s nothing to block people’s view of the whole room. Homeowners who doubt how much of a difference it can make may want to visit a few Bathroom Remodel Showrooms to see this effect in action.

Con: Less Privacy

The most obvious downside of doorless showers is that they don’t provide the same kind of privacy as regular shower doors or curtains. In most cases, installing a doorless shower means that only one person can comfortably use the washroom at once.

Pro: They Can Be Multi-Purpose

Depending on the bathroom’s design, a doorless shower can serve multiple purposes. It can do double-duty by both being a functional shower and acting as a walkway when not in use. In contemporarily styled homes, that dual-function can create a stunning effect.

Con: Water Can Escape Into the Bathroom

If the area isn’t perfectly set up for a doorless shower, there’s a good chance that water could escape into the rest of the bathroom. Minimizing this issue requires starting out with a relatively large bathroom and taking the time to plan for this potential problem by installing water-resistant materials.

Pro: Spa-Like Luxury at Home

Doorless showers create a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere that gives the whole bathroom a feeling of elegance and relaxation. There’s a reason that doorless showers are popular in spas, and it’s that these unique design features create an air of luxury and tranquility.

Con: It May Feel Colder

It’s easier to warm up small spaces such as enclosed showers and tubs than it is to warm an entire bathroom. As a result, much of the hot air escapes from the shower area into the rest of the room, which can make for chilly showers. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to this problem: mount a warming light or install heated flooring beneath the shower unit.

Pro: No More Cleaning Up Water Spots and Mold

With traditional showers, the glass must be wiped down after every use to prevent water spots and streaking, and fighting mold can be a constant battle if there’s not enough air circulation in the room. These problems can be effectively eliminated by installing a doorless shower.

Con: Steam Damage

Even if a doorless shower is designed so little to no water escapes onto the floor and walls, steam can still wreak havoc on some materials in the room. The best way to reduce or eliminate damage proactively is to install water and steam-resistant materials such as glass, porcelain, engineered quartz, natural stone, or corrosion-resistant metals instead of less-durable materials.

Ask the Experts

Not sure if a doorless shower will be a good fit? Start doing some brainstorming by visiting showrooms, consulting with expert designers, and reading about other homeowners’ experiences with these unique bathroom fixtures. There’s no shame in looking for help with making this important decision.

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