With freedom finally returning to the world, many will find it’s a mix of excitement and anticipation. The last 16 months have been incredibly tough and being inside for such a long period of time has brought with it a whole host of problems, from lack of energy and motivation to feeling low and despondent.

Pandemic exhaustion is a real thing, and being physically and emotionally drained for much of the time has left people feeling heavily fatigued. We’ve been wearing pyjamas all day, hunching over Zoom meetings, experiencing broken and low-quality sleep, and missing out on a lot of much-needed vitamin D, and this has all resulted in a population that feels tired, deflated and stressed out.

We’re here to help you shake off that lockdown lethargy with a list of 5 fantastic products that will soon have you feeling re-energised and ready to face the world again with more strength, stamina and zest for life. From superfood supplements to CBD coffee and vitamin-loaded shots to deliciously re-energising dissolvable strips, it’s time to relight your fire, boost your mood and get your vitality back.

1) Superfood powders for extra energy:
As our work and social lives start to get back to a bit more normality, a daily routine of exercise is probably going to fall a bit further down our priority list. If you’ve lost the motivation to carry on with at-home workouts, we’ve still got a great way to boost your energy and health when exercise takes a back seat. Superfood supplements in the form of powders are a fantastic option if you need to rev up your immune system function, increase your energy and lift your mood. Jampacked with minerals, vitamins, fruits, plants and proteins, superfood powders are easy to add to your daily breakfast, lunch or dinner routine. They can be blended into a smoothie, made into an omelette, swirled through yoghurt and even be included in a summer mocktail. From maca powder to spirulina and organic greens to super fruits, there’s an appetising and re-energising powder supplement to suit everyone’s taste buds.

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2) The satisfying benefits of CBD coffee:
The rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee is simply irresistible. Not only is it delicious, but it also gives you a much-needed energy kick if you’re feeling tired and deflated. The problem with consuming too much coffee is the jitters and anxiety that it can bring. If you want to shake off the lockdown slump with caffeine, replacing your regular coffee with CBD coffee is a great place to start. CBD coffee doesn’t contain THC, which is the ‘high’ that cannabis can give you. Instead, its properties boost your mood and mellow your nerves whilst giving you the buzz of energy that coffee brings. The beauty of CBD coffee? Unlike regular coffee, with CBD coffee, you get an irresistible mix of high energy and elevated mood, combined with stress relief and feelings of calm. Better still, because CBD coffee relaxes your body, it encourages a better quality of sleep, so you’ll actually end up feeling refreshed and energised the next day too.

3) A Berocca boost for all-day vitality:
Have the psychological stressors of lockdown left you feeling dazed, groggy or repeatedly tired? If you’re now ready to get back out there, you might need a little help to set you up for the day. Sugar-free and vegan friendly, Berocca tablets have been scientifically proven to boost energy and they’re powered by essential vitamins and minerals, including B1, B2 and B12. All you have to do is drop a tablet into a glass of water and let it dissolve, for a hit of energy that will leave you feeling your best.


4) Down a shot of goodness:
Sure, you can now go out on Saturday night and enjoy a couple of tequila shots, but how about shaking off that lockdown lethargy with a shot of goodness every morning instead? Energy shots are available in perfectly proportioned mini bottles that are jampacked with everything from antioxidants and amino acids to trace minerals and coconut water. Fast working and hardworking, these compact shots not only enhance energy but also help to sustain it. Energy shots are great to take in the morning, during the midday slump and on the go at weekends when you need an extra boost of vitality to keep you powering through. An easy way to get your vitamins, this is a shot that never results in a hangover!

5) Fast working re-energising strips:
Easy to use and convenient to take when you’re out and about, re-energising strips are a fantastic energy-boosting solution for when you’re on the go. You’ll find fruity flavours, minty strips and vegan-friendly formulas laced with everything from caffeine to vitamin D3, all designed to put the pep back in your step. Dissolving energy-boosting ingredients on your tongue ensures fast absorption into your system, which means that an energy boost will come sooner rather than later.

All of these carefully chosen products are designed to give your body and mind some serious oomph and will help put you back on track for a healthy, vibrant and happy summer. Whether you want to calm your nerves, boost your stamina, enhance your mental performance or get yourself out of a sleepy haze, reach for these to revive and re-energise

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