We, here, are not too big a fanatic of putting different sexes into categories and telling them what they should like and dislike based on a few statistics. However, it can be helpful to know, out of men or women igamers, who like to play online slots games more. We know what you are thinking, surely it is obvious! Men tend generally to be a little more encouraged to take risks so surely they will come out on top of popularity for online slots games. But, while men are out there betting big, women might tend to take a more measured approach and tackle the casino games that make the most sense. Whatever your opinion is, we have the facts right here so read on to find out if men play the best slots 2021 more compared to women, and why that might be.

Let us get straight to it: Do men or women prefer to play online slots games?

While it can seem a little pointless analysing the circles in which men and women move in compared to each other, it is interesting to see who plays online slots more because it can very often subvert the common expectation.

So, let us dive into who prefers to play online slot games more between men and women!

  •  Fortunately, for the sake of analysis, there has been a load of surveys and polls conducted to examine who prefers to play online slot games more. It turns out that it is actually quite easy to do because in the olden days you would have to visit real casinos and count and interview players on their preferences. Now, surveys can sweep a whole site in minutes to get their results!
  • The group of people that were found to play online slots more turned out to be women in the age bracket of 55 to 60 years old. This should not be a surprise because even in real casinos women came out on top for slot game popularity.
  • To delve into the subject even further, a study that was conducted found that over 70% of revenue created by online casinos was contributed to by female players. We thought that perhaps men would play online slots more because of the risk and reward aspect but it turns out the women want the thrills even more!

Why do women seem to prefer playing online slot games more than men?

The results are in, the ballots have been counted, and the winner has got to be women playing online slot games more! If you are wondering why then you had need not look any further because, as always, we have the answers right here:

  • Studies found that the simplicity and accessibility of online slot games attract women more because there is a higher sense of control in slot games.
  • Other surveys found that men prefer other casino games, such as blackjack and poker, because of the higher rewards.
  • Maybe the women are just a little more sensible than the men!

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