Online Slot Game Bonuses

With a wealth of choice for every player in the world of online slot games, developers have to think of different ways to entice you players into trying out or sticking with their game. One of the most common ways to hook a player on to a specific game is through modern slots with innovative themes and game bonuses. There are many different types of bonuses, some include:

1.      Reload Bonuses

2.      Welcome Bonuses

3.      VIP Bonuses

Each type of bonuses is designed to attract a specific category of player. For example, reload bonuses are for returning players that want to, or are considering playing the same slot game again. A reload bonus will give a player a percentage of whatever they deposit each month. Usually offering more and more depending on the length of time the player has stuck with the same online slot game. Welcome Bonuses on the other hand are to attract new players to online slot games. If a player wants to try out a new slot game, or perhaps its their first ever time choosing a slot game to play, then you are more likely to choose one with an exciting bonus just for trying out the game.

Why Developers Offer Bonuses

All of these bonuses mean one thing, more players. The more bonuses that developers use, and the bigger the bonuses are, the more players will flock to their game and allow them to rise to the top of the iGaming industry. The trouble with creating as many bonuses as possible, is that eventually they will become so effective in helping the player win big, that it becomes impossible for the developers to make any money at all. So instead, there’s usually a catch. This means that realistically, the bonuses that developers are offering usually come with a particular caveat that diminishes the integrity and generosity of the bonus that has been offered to the player.  

Why Are Bonuses Dangerous?

In recent times, online slot game bonuses have become slightly convoluted, with the introduction of features such as:

–          Playthrough

–          Rollover Requirements

–          Clearing Times

All of these features tend to be a little complex, and a little too much for the casual slot puller to care to take any notice of, but if over looked, they can be a dangerous thing, and turn those exciting bonuses into an ever-increasing burden. Let’s take the clearing times as an example, this is implemented by some online casinos and essentially means that small windows open at specific times of the day for you to withdraw your money, and if you miss these particular windows, then you can’t withdraw your winnings until the next window opens, This encourages you to spend more money than you perhaps want to and gives the player the impression that they are not in control of their own money, making it a dangerous move for both the developer, who is at risk of losing players, and the players who is no longer in control of their own money.

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