The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) or certification exams is known as one of the most respected certifications in the world, and also, one of the most difficult exams in the world as the wordings in the exam have been said to be quite difficult to understand. Acquiring the certificate to become a Cisco certified professional requires hard work, knowledge, and dedication as it helps individuals boost their career.

Although, Cisco isn’t for everyone as it is aimed at those looking to build an IT career thus, enabling them get better jobs with better pay in the IT industry. The exam is known to contain a variety of comprehensive topics, which requires so much study as the exam seems difficult to pass. If you’re looking to prepare for Cisco Certification exams, whether it’s isaca cobit exam or cism isaca exam, here are some tips to prepare you for it and help you pass with ease.

Get Practical Knowledge and Study Tools:
As this exam focuses on the IT industry which requires practical solutions such as troubleshooting, configuration, networking, etc, you’ll require practical and theoretical knowledge to pass. As such, you’re putting your knowledge into practice. In order to get this knowledge, you’ll need to consult multiple study materials such as spotoclub, to get accurate information. It is very unlikely to find one material that’ll have all the answers to every single exam question as such, it’s best to use multiple study materials. The reason for using multiple study materials is to get clear information on your area of study, compared to only using one source which may be unclear or contain unrelated information to the exam. Lastly, always ensure to study all areas relating to practice questions and lab exercises, and work with binary mathematics as this knowledge will help you pass your CISCO exam.

Obtain Accurate Reading Materials:
To continue from the above point, preparing for an exam requires gathering the right reading materials. It’s up to you to decide the number of resource or study material to use. For example, if you already have a solid understanding of the exam topic, you may decide to use one resource but, if you’re completely new to the topics, using one resource will probably be a bad idea as such, opt for several resources. Although, regardless of your knowledge, there’s no resource without mistakes as such, it’s best to seek knowledge from multiple resources in order to be able to identify discrepancies and errors thus, making sure you’re getting the correct information.

Create Time for Practice Tests:
It’s best to always create time for practice tests ahead of the CISCO exam date to check what you’ve learnt and see if there are areas you need to improve on. You can search online for practice questions on CCNA and work on them. This will not only help improve your knowledge, but will also help you formulate the concepts into questions thus, enabling you know the needed answers to question and how much you need to write. Also, keep handwritten notes which will enable you revise everything you’ve studied. Lastly, you could also speak to other students on Internet forums to get questions and answers from them.

Do One Last Refreshment:
Just before your exam date, you’d want to do a little rereading to refresh your memory and see if there’s anything you’ve missed or skipped over time. You should dedicate the last few days to your exam to revising or finding new questions/online mock tests and solving them to enable you recall everything you already know or may have missed to ensure you learn all the important or basic concepts needed for the exam. You should also consider reading or rereading Cisco Press Books a couple of times to identify new or missed concepts.

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