There is a saying about ‘the luck of the Irish’. So perhaps, if the country of Ireland and its people are thought to be so lucky, it should come as no surprise that the slot developers have seized on this idea and created plenty of Irish themed games such as Irish Eyes Slot to tie into the lucky reputation.

The term actually doesn’t come from gambling at all. It comes from the 19th century, when many Irish people discovered a great deal of gold during the infamous gold rush in America. They seemed to be disproportionately good at uprooting the stuff that the phrase ‘the luck of the Irish’ began to be used.

Ireland isn’t just famed for its luck, though. It is also a beautiful country, and when you think of Ireland, the colour green is most likely to spring to mind. Add that to the gold that made so many people from that country so lucky, and you’ve got a great colour palette for developers to work off that will automatically evoke thoughts of the Emerald Isle.

Plus, what about all the imagery associated with Ireland? The leprechauns, the rolling hills, the shamrocks, the fairies, and much more – you see it and you know Ireland is the country being discussed. So of course, it is relatively easy to come up with Irish ideas for slots and ensure that it can be recognised right away.

Who is going to play an Irish themed slot? Well, the Irish will be quite keen on the idea, for one. With many people of Irish descent living in all kinds of places around the world, making Irish themed slots was an excellent idea. It meant that, no matter where the game was released, someone would want to play it! However, anyone can play an Irish themed slot. Some might want to because of the ‘luck of the Irish’ idea that always exists, even if they don’t know quite why this is. Even if they’re not consciously thinking of this saying, it could easily exist in their subconscious, making them feel that a slot with an Irish theme is going to be a better choice than something else.

Irish Slots

Now that you know why developers and players alike want more to do with Irish slots than ever before, here are some of the best Irish themed games on the market for you to enjoy

  • Lucky Irish

The name really does say it all on this one. If ever there was a game so aptly named and so enticing because of that name – and the overall Irish theme – it would have to be this one. Luckily, this game doesn’t just sound like a good one, it is a good one. Made by WGS, Luckily Irish has a rather retro look, and it offer players a look at a real slot as they play, making the experience even more interactive.

  • Irish Luck

We’re definitely sensing a theme here; developers are very keen to bring home the point about luck and Ireland and combining the two in a game. Irish Luck is by Eyecon, a fabulous developer with a keen ‘eye’ for design and fun. Irish Luck has a five reel, 25 payline format that most players will recognise instantly and be comfortable with, and the background is all rolling emerald hills, so you’ll be relaxed and invigorated at the same time.

  • Rainbow Riches

Maybe the most famous Irish themed slot every made, Rainbow Riches is probably the first game that springs to mind when you’re trying to think of great Irish slots. This one is a little more on the fantasy side of thing, featuring a grinning little leprechaun. There are actually a number of different Rainbow Riches slots since the first one was so popular. They include Drops Of Gold, Fortune Favours, and Home Sweet Home. Most of the games work on a 3 x 5 reel format.

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