2020 has seen probably more slot games than ever, as the world of online slots just continues to grow and grow in popularity, particularly right here in the UK. Now, there’s so much choice that it’s almost too much! With themes from anywhere between Ancient Egypt to sheep in space, you can literally spin the reels in pretty much any world that you can imagine – click to find out more. The only slight problem about all of that is that it gets increasingly difficult to know which slots are the good ones. Sure, you can Google the name of a slot that catches your eye to see if others have enjoyed it, but then the time that you spend doing that could be spent much better… such as actually playing the slots. That’s why we have decided to bring to you a list of our favourite recent slot games to play, developed in 2020 so far.

Recent Slot Game Trends

Of course there are a whole bunch of online slot games that are absolutely classics from back in time, such as Starburst, arguably the best slot game in history and released nearly ten years ago back in 2011. Some of these old school slots have even been re-booted with better graphics and mobile phone play compatibility. However, we feel that leaning too much towards the classics often neglects some of the new ones that are, quite possibly, better than the originals a lot of the time.

We feel that newer slot games often contain some of the most exciting new slot bonuses, as developers rush to think outside-the-box in a bid to make their game stand out from the crowd. For that reason, we wanted to show you the best new online slot games to play.

Best Slot Games from 2020

Our favourite slot games from the past eight months of online casino are as follows:

•        5 Families – developed by Red Tiger Gaming, this has one of the coolest (mafia) themes and is presented with the most luxurious of graphics. Albeit quite hard to get into, the bonus game here is really exciting and has the potential to be quite fruitful indeed.

•        The Lab – Elk Studios are one of the best up-and-coming slot game designers in the world and this, The Lab, is one of their best yet. Surely not worth a miss.

•        Centurion Megaways – yeah, we did say that new slots can often be better than reboots of classics but we felt that it would be rude not to include Inspired Gaming’s reboot of Centurion using the Megaways engine. It’s one of the best uses we’ve ever seen of said engine and is packed with bonus features too. 

Conclusion of the Top Recent Slot Games

We tried to include a variety of different types of online slots in our big three for 2020 so far and they’re all great in their own ways. We hope that you enjoy playing them too!

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