Online bingo is a very popular form of this numbers based game and it is especially popular in the UK where there are over 400 online bingo sites to play at. Online bingo is convenient and buying bingo tickets is quick and easy.  You can buy in bulk and all the games play at Bezy.co.uk.

Online bingo was introduced to the world in 1996, but it wasn’t an instant hit. This is because regular players needed time to get used to bingo without the social element.  However, by 2003 bingo had flourished online and by 2015, the success of online bingo was aided further still, by the introduction of mobile bingo playing platforms. With so many people now playing bingo, are there any strategies that can actually help bingo players win more often at this luck-based numbers game?

Choose your Site Carefully

With so many bingo sites out there, it is important that punters start by choosing a bingo site that they want to invest in carefully.  A good starting point is to make sure that the site you are thinking of joining is actually licensed and regulated. If you do win, then a licensed venue is guaranteed to pay you your winnings with minimum fuss.

In the UK the responsibility of licensing and regulating bingo sites lies with the UK Gambling Commission and they set the standards and criteria that online bingo sites must abide by, if they want to successfully operate a bingo site in the UK. Before they came into existence, dishonest bingo sites and online casinos could do as they pleased and this usually meant moving the goalposts constantly, when it came to paying players out their winnings.

 If a site is licensed and regulated, then customer disputes can involve a third party such as the commission and this increases the odds of punters getting a satisfactory conclusion to their complaints. 

Another big advantage of regulation is that games are regularly tried and tested for fairness and this includes bingo games, as well as all gambling games. All online gambling games should have truly random results that are generated by an RNG or Random Number Generator computer microchip. Its purpose is to create millions of number sequences that are translated into random unbiased spins. 

Responsible Gambling Tools

Whilst responsible gambling will not actually help you win at bingo, it can actually prevent you from losing big. The best tools include loss limits and deposit limits and these prevent you from overspending on bingo. They can also help curb the onset of bingo addiction, as it is impossible to deposit once your limit has been reached.

Avoid The Rush

Since bingo is so popular, you are right to believe that competition for prizes is sky high. Therefore, avoiding peak playing times could increase your chances of winning. Weekends these days tend to be one long bingo rush hour and so are 7am to 9am and 5pm to 11pm weekdays.

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