Most of the online gambling sites and casinos you come across are going to offer new players (and sometimes older, loyal players) the chance to get a welcome bonus. These incentives make it more likely people are going to play, and since there is a lot of competition around with many thousands of gambling sites to choose from, those with a good welcome bonus are going to get the most paying players – play here.

It’s clearly good for the casinos, but it’s good for the players too. If you are savvy and make sure you know what you’re doing rather than just grabbing at any bonus that comes your way, you can do very well out of it indeed. You can get extra playing time, ‘free money’, and more chance of winning too. Read on to find out more.

Wagering Requirements

One of the most common sign up or welcome bonuses is the matched deposit. This means that, whatever you pay in, the casino will match it (up to a certain amount) effectively doubling your money. This sounds amazing and certainly something you would want to take advantage of, but beware; the wagering requirements could be an issue. The wagering requirements are what a casino needs you to have paid in before you can withdraw any money. So although you’ve already added money to your account to get the bonus, you’ll need to add more to ensure you can take your money out. If you’ve won a large amount this isn’t a worry; you can add the money and then withdraw it again with your own winnings. If you’ve only won a small amount and the win is less than the wagering requirement, it won’t make any sense to pay anything in, and you’ll have to leave your winnings where they are, effectively giving them back to the casino.

What Are The Best Bonuses?

The best bonuses are the ones that give you the most chance of having some fun when you’re playing. So if you can get a bonus for every game you play rather than as an overall result of logging into a casino site, you’re doing well. Doing this means you get more gameplay in total, so you can have a lot more fun for a lot less money. It also means you can pick a number of different games to play and you’re not just limited to one, or one specific type. So look out for these. You’ll need to read the smallprint to ensure you’re going along the right lines, but it will be worth it.

Bonus Tricks

Online casinos aren’t going to be giving away a lot of money for no reason; they know what they’re doing. So although you might think you’re getting away with something, you’re not really. You’re not ‘tricking’ the casino and you’re not cheating them either. What you’re doing, essentially, is everything they want you to do. But there are ways to make the most of this. One is to register for a VIP plan. If you do this, you’ll have access to many other games and rewards that aren’t available to standard players. Although your odds of winning won’t technically increase, the prizes are bigger when you’re a VIP, so it’s worth at least trying.

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