Just about everyone has one thing that they want to change their appearance. For many people that one thing is their nose. Cosmetic surgery can help you change your appearance and give you more confidence in life. You won’t believe your eyes when you see yours before and after rhinoplasty pictures. Keep reading to learn everything you need to do before and after your rhinoplasty surgery to achieve the best results. 

What Is Rhinoplasty? 

Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that can change the appearance of your nose. The best rhinoplasty can change the size, structure, and shape of your nose. Most people call this procedure a nose job. I can help you breathe more easily and make your nose appear more proportional to your face shape and size. 

Before and After Rhinoplasty

Before your rhinoplasty by Dr. Repta, it is very important to have good communication. During your patient consultation, Dr. Repta will talk with you about the changes you want to see and how he can help you meet your goals.  Dr. Repta will fully inspect your nose and your facial structure so he can give you all the options that are available to you along with the possible outcomes for those procedures.

He will also do an evaluation of your medical history and health to determine if you would be a good candidate for rhinoplasty in Arizona. After your rhinoplasty surgery, a light splint may be placed on your nose for several days as it heals. This helps your nose remain in shape and keep it protected. It’s possible that your rhinoplasty by Dr. Repta may also use nasal picks inside the nose to stabilize your septum. These are generally removed after a few days. 

Common Side Effects

Some patients experience slight swelling and bruising around the nose and eyes. After a few days, the bruising should subdue and you can start to see the color return to your face. Use cold compresses to help reduce the swelling. It normally takes a week or two for the swelling to go down fully. Bleeding is also pretty common in the first few weeks after your surgery. Dr. Repta will address how to handle any bleeding you may have and is always available to help you after your surgery should you have any questions. 

All of the splints, packing, and stitches will be removed after one to three weeks depending on how quickly you heal. It is also common to experience nasal stuffiness as you heal. Don’t worry, all of this will go away and soon you will be able to blow your nose again. 

When Can I See The Results? 

At first, your nose will be hidden underneath some swelling and bruising however very soon you will be able to appreciate your new profile. Remember that healing is a gradual process and it shouldn’t be rushed. After the swelling subdues you should be able to see the results but it could take a little longer until you see the final results. 

Enjoy Your New Nose!

Your life will change from before and after rhinoplasty. Most of the time patients could never imagine going back to their original nose and are very happy with the results. If you’ve always wanted to fix your nose, rhinoplasty is the cosmetic procedure for you. 

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