It’s no secret that Carus Jewellery loves antique jewellery; and so do we… or of course, I do, hopefully you do too! The thing about antique jewellery is that, they have to be at least a hundred years old to be considered an antique and, I don’t know about you, but it’s really cool to own something from an older era like the Georgian era and beyond.

Going for antique items is almost like buying a car; because although a new car loses its value when driven often, there‘ll always be buyers who want that beautiful antique car. And, antique jewellery is no exception! Asides its elegance and beauty, there‘s just something about a piece of jewellery with a past that you know nothing about.

Not to mention jewellery, as a fashion statement makes an impression about the person wearing it. So, whether you love the beauty, look and history of antique jewellery, or your personal style is different, or you want to try out something new, there are so many reasons to buy antique jewellery and make them a part of your accessories.

Higher Quality

The saying “they don’t make things like they used to” is true when it comes antique jewellery; due to its fine hand-finishing and uniqueness. Antique jewellery, unlike modern ones is handmade and can rarely be duplicated because of its uniqueness; so, you can’t find a fake of it. Even in modern jewellery, it’s difficult and almost impossible to find the same level of quality as found in antique jewellery; like this Victorian 9ct Gold Diamond Earrings. Just look at the uniqueness and beauty of this earring; it’ll be impossible to duplicate it for sale. That’s why antique jewellery are of higher quality compared to modern ones.

Credit: Carus Jewellery

Also, most modern jewellery is cast, which mainly focuses on the size of the stones whereas, antique jewelleries were handmade by skilled craftsmen who took pleasure in creating unique pieces for specific, rich people, rather than for the market, which is why they’re of higher quality and standards than some of the best modern jewellery of today and, it’ll be impossible to come across another piece of jewellery exactly like it. Still think modern jewellery is better? Think again!

It’s Ethical and Sustainable 

Antique jewellery is ethical or sustainable because it is made from ethically-sourced materials, unlike modern day jewellery that has its issues, and concerns associated with diamond, gemstone and metal mining. Did you know it takes a significant amount of water and energy to mine metals, diamonds and gemstones which are used to create modern day jewellery? As such, modern jewellery isn’t produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, compared to antique jewellery.

Credit: Carus Jewellery

By opting for antique jewellery, you not only get a good deal and good value for your money, you also ensure you are not contributing to any ongoing issues relating to unsustainable items and, as such, you choose to be a conservator instead of a consumer thus, lessening your impact on the environment and, protecting earth. Also, asides the environmentally friendly aspect of antique jewellery, when you opt for antique jewellery, you’re also supporting a small, local business that actually needs it; compared to big companies that has it all. 

Outstanding Value

Antique jewellery has all its perks already; but did you also know that antique jewellery is VAT-exempt? That means they’re 20% less expensive than modern jewellery! Another gain! Antique jewellery basically costs less than modern jewellery because they are handmade thus, no manufacturing cost and, they’re sustainable; made with ethically-sourced materials which makes them cheaper. Not to mention that each part of an antique jewellery is worth more because each piece of it is unique and cannot be duplicated. Antique jewellery literally costs less than modern jewellery; yet it’s worth more! At this point, it’s obvious antique jewellery offers a much better value than modern jewellery, so when you opt of antique jewellery, you get way more value for your money.

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