iGaming is without a doubt one of the biggest industries in the world right now and slots are undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions for gamers. However, several countries in the world have serious regulations and laws concerning slots at​. Keep reading to find out more about them.

Why Do We Have Regulations?

Regulations are put into place to protect you and your finances. If there were no regulations or rules you could end up playing on a tough online casino that is altering the state of the games each time you or others place a wager, ensuring that you never win a blue cent. Licensing and regulations stop you from having to face this nightmare and provides the reassurance that gamers need to enjoy their slot session without a worry in the world.

Who Decides on The Regulations?

Once an online casino is licensed, they have to follow the rules and regulations of the body that issued the license. There are several different licensing authorities all over the world, who work hard to protect patrons by ensuring that the slots and other games on the site are fair and just. You can usually find your online casino’s license by researching them.

Do not simply be appeased by seeing a license though, as some authorities might be stricter than others due to state or jurisdiction in which they operate. Authorities such as Alderney Gaming Control Commission, The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, and Panama Gaming Control Board are some -but not all- of the highly respected and recommended authorities in today’s online gambling board. If Casinos are not abiding by the rules and restrictions, it is up to these commissions to ensure that they revoke licenses.

Laws from Around the World

There are general regulations that most online casinos follow and then there are country-specific laws that outline what is and isn’t allowed at an online casino. For example, Online Gambling is completely banned in Switzerland. This includes online poker, online slots, and casino websites as a whole. In Canada, each “province’ or state is responsible for managing and upholding its own gambling laws. 

In the UK The Gambling Commission, which is part of the EU, draws up a document that outlines the details of all gambling activities, how the regulations must be handled and what the Casinos are lawfully allowed to carry out.

Many countries making up a greater part of the Middle-East prohibit gambling, online or otherwise. A few countries on the African Continent have also decided to ban all gambling activities.

How to Be Sure

To be 100 percent sure that the slot games you are playing are fair and legal, it is worth doing some research. There is no peace of mind without seeing the license for yourself and anxiety can certainly ruin the fun. To avoid that, find the information that you need to play stress-free and enjoy the thrill of playing online slots thoroughly, as it intended!

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