Bingo players enjoy the game because of the fun and the social aspect associated with it. Winning cash is always a welcome bonus but as gambling goes, bingo is as social as it gets. Whether it’s playing online and enjoying the company of others in chatrooms, or visiting bingo halls and meeting friends and making new ones along the way, bingo always keeps its social aspect even when faced with large scale changes such as the digital revolution. However, despite being the most social form of gambling, Barbados Bingo has been known to have its quirks and some non-cash prizes range from holidays and hampers, which are the norm, to the more unusual and surreal.

Bingo and The Adult Industry

The appeal and success of bingo is far reaching, In fact it crosses all social boundaries. Even the adult world is not immune from bingo. Over a decade ago, Ann Summers dipped their toes in the bingo waters and gave the world their own unique brand of bingo that contained an adult element to the prizes. This adult only affair involved saucy user names, sexy bingo callers and prizes made up of products that were sold in Ann Summers stores. This brand of bingo was aimed mostly at a female audience and was a success with a certain female age group.

The most normal of the prizes was some sexy lingerie whilst other prizes were more X-rated. Other bingo that is for adults only and this includes some of the prizes is Lady Gala bingo nights that take place in London and have more of a club atmosphere that includes team games and plenty of alcohol. Drag Me To Brunch is a bingo and cabaret mix presented by Drag Queens and winners of Drag Idol. If you like bingo to be served with a side dish of music and comedy, then this Leicester Square venue is for you. Expected some unusual prizes to be up for grabs too.

Unusual Bingo Pub Prizes

Bingo nights in pubs are nothing unusual, in fact they help boost visitors, revenue and make for a great night out. One New Yorker who was brave enough to venture out into the great American countryside ended up having a close encounter with a cow thanks to a win at a bingo event at an independent country pub. This was probably one of those rare moments when a bingo player wished they hadn’t won the top prize. This bingo player had won herself a milking cow but would have probably wished she had bagged some of the runner up prizes that included TVs phones and other gadgets.

Final Thoughts

Cash has been king throughout the history of bingo but more quirky prizes have started to filter through bingo halls. Especially now, that bingo halls have embraced all kinds of themes such as Drag Queen nights. This has brought in a different crowd who are more willing to accept prizes that can hardly be described as mainstream.

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