Men’s street style has, over the years, evolved from the normal fitted tailored suits with square pockets and a pair of impeccably polished shoes to a more relaxed and looser, outfits that incorporates casual, trendy and aesthetic clothing. Just like women have always had the freedom to wear whatever they want, men have now become trend-setters too; changing the fashion norm by wearing and pulling off a hoodie, a sport coat, layers of jewelry, a pair of tailored trousers, and a pair of their favorite sneakers…. even my little nephew lol.

Men’s street style is now in trend and taking over. As such, we’re looking at and drawing inspiration from the style of a fashion Instagramer who’s redefining men’s street style with his simple yet classy outfits. Whether you’re searching for summer inspiration or you need a wardrobe change, his fashion style might just be your ultimate go-to.

This young fashion enthusiast is James @thejamessamuel on Instagram, whose style inspiration is at the core of his interest; using fashion, and lifestyle content to communicate a message which resonates with a highly engaged millennial audience… and so far, he has nailed men’s street style.

He has also worked with some of the largest brands in the world, such as ASOS, BOOHOOMAN , Naked Wolfe, Dickies, shoeaholics, K.Swiss, helping them produce high-quality content and communicate their brand values to his highly engaged male audience. We’ll take a look at some of his incredible styling options.

Simple Casual Outfit 

Photo credit: Instagram@thejamessamuel

Here, he went for a simple and causal look by pairing a Ccartel Clothing white shirt with a sweat short; alongside a pair of white socks and white trainers to further wrap the look together. This outfit is simple and the colors are not flashy, which makes it perfect for men; and can be worn as a causal summer outfit, or maybe for lunch or just for a day out. Due to its simplicity, it can be worn anywhere, and doesn’t require a specific occasion. If he had worn a huge fur jacket on this, he certainly would’ve nailed Kanye West’s look lol.

All Black

All black is a color that’ll never go out of style, and instead of all black suit with polished shoes like men have always worn, James paired a black shirt with a black Cargo trouser, neck chain (talk about accessorizing), yellow bucket hat to match the yellow design on the shirt, a pair of black shades and white trainers. This outfit is the definition of street wear! Everything about this outfit is just a fun look, nothing serious, nothing casual but yet, still so simple; even with the accessories. 

Photo credit: Instagram@thejamessamuel

I didn’t think men could pull of yellow bucket hat, but James did that in the most fashionable way possible! And that white trainers just added to the yellow pop of color, further pulling this outfit together. I think this is certainly a Jaden Smith kind of outfit; young, aesthetic and fun.

Simple and Chic

Photo credit: Instagram@thejamessamuel

White on black on white. Despite men’s street style seeming like something extra fashionable and insane, you can still pair simple colors and nail the look, which is what James did here. He paired a white long-sleeve shirt with black Cargo trousers and white trainers. Am I the only one who thinks James loves white trainers at this point? Lol! This outfit is just simple, no flash of colors, nothing extra. Perfect for a day out with the guys. Have you seen Tyler Perry’s “Bruh”? This outfit looks like something the character Tom would wear.

Office Wear turn Streetwear 

Photo credit: Instagram@thejamessamuel

Who says material trousers are only meant for the office? Or satin isn’t for men? James definitely redefined street style with this outfit, by turning office casual wear to streetwear. He paired a material stripe trouser with a satin zip up shirt on a white shirt, a black leather shoe (finally!), a purse, a black cap and a wrist watch. Talk about classy streetwear! This outfit is all shades of beautiful because it’s also black with a touch of white, and that material stripe trouser was the “fashion icing on the cake” because it made this look all shades of classy. This outfit is perfect for an afternoon brunch with the lady or even a red carpet occasion; if you want to get people talking. This just has to be my favorite outfit so far!

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