Slot machines are basically the most rewarding games on the casino floor for players and for casinos; this is a rare thing, so of course players are going to love them and casinos are going to have plenty of them.

They will also be rather profitable for cheaters. Some people have made it their life’s missions to get to the bottom of how slot machines work and steal the money they are going to pay out to some lucky winner. Interestingly, there have been some proven slot machine cheating methods used over the years, and although none of them would work on today’s more sophisticated games with their random number generator systems, they have been useful in the past. Read on to find out more.

Having The Cheat Code

Gambling authorities are there to ensure that the gaming industry is really operating correctly and fairly, and they do not like it when folks try to cheat. You may think this means you would never find a ‘cheat code’ (a code inputted into the slot machine to make the right symbols line up, essentially) because why on earth would they create them if they don’t want people to cheat? However, these cheat codes aren’t really cheat codes at all; they are used to maintenance.

An engineer will use the code when carrying out a repair or a service on a slot machine to prove that the symbols and reels do  hat they’re meant to do. These codes were never designed as a way to make money or cheat, but that’s what some people use them for, and they’ll pay good money to get their hands on them.

Shaved Coins

The concept of a shaved coin may seem unusual, but with regards to cheating at slots, they’ll work wonders. Over time, technology became much more advanced, and slots started to have light sensors installed in them. These light sensors were completely separate entities to the rest of the machine. 

This meant that you could efficiently cheat with shaved coins, and this is how it was done; if a shaved coin was introduced at exactly the same time as some metal which weighed exactly the same as the real coin (and was the identical shape), the shaved coin would be returned but the useless portion of metal would register as payment, allowing you to play even though you had paid nothing. This no longer works for a variety of reasons, not least the CCTV in operation in casinos. Try this trick and you will be spotted.


Let us get something clear: it’s definitely not an easy task to cheat modern day slot machines. They have intricate computer programs in them and although you can try, it’s much more likely you’ll fail (or be caught) than succeed. And when it comes to magnets, this is even more true – there aren’t really any magnetic parts left.

Nevertheless, people used to have the capacity to cheat with a magnet when the slots had been made of metal. To cheat at slots with a magnet, you rotate the reels then make use of a powerful magnet on the exterior of the machine to prevent them spinning. It is not most skilful cheat but it can net a lot of cash (or rather it could, in its time).


This slots cheat is really about the technique rather than anything else. A string is attached to a coin, the coin is used to pay, and the game is triggered to start. At this point, the participant yanks the coin back up using the string. Today, this strategy is in fact redundant due to the latest technology, but it worked perfectly for several individuals for many years.

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