Slot machines have been around since 1895 and the first slot machine had three reels and contained playing card symbols and a bell symbol that offered the biggest payouts. These mechanical slots saw plenty of changes and become more sophisticated in time. More symbols were added but when gambling was banned, they took on the guise of vending machines and fruit machines that gave out non-cash prizes

The major technological breakthrough that changed slots came with the first electrical slot machine that was called Money Honey. This was introduced in 1963 and it paved the way for more interesting developments. The 1970s saw early attempts at video slots and this computerization of slots continued into the 1980s. However, it wasn’t until 1996 that slots became available to the masses courtesy of the internet. This broadened the appeal of slots as many inexperienced gamblers tried their luck at online casinos such as for the first time.

Slot Facts

Most new gamblers dive into slots and hope for the best, however, there are some things you should know before you start to spin the reels. All slot spins are generated by a computer microchip called a Random Number Generator. 

This processor generates number sequences continuously and these are translated into slot spins across a wide variety of casino games. These computer generated spins can be good or bad and this is why slots are a game of luck. Some slots payout better than others and this is expressed as the slot RTP percentage or Return To Player percentage score. A high score of over 96% means that these slot games are likely, but not guaranteed to, return a generous percentage of your staking money back to you over a large amount of spins. Games with low RTP scores should be avoided, no matter how entertaining they are to play. 

These games can be tempting because they do churn out the odd huge winning spin. The best thing to do is to study the RTP scores of slots and then choose one that interests you. There are hundreds of slots to choose from and some are based on famous films and hit TV shows. You can also play them in demo mode and this is a very useful mode to play slots in if you are new to the game. Demo play allows you to play slots for free with an imaginary bank balance. 

You can hit bonuses and trigger special features just like in normal play but you will learn about the symbols and bonuses for free and most importantly, you can get a feel as to whether this is a game that you will enjoy playing. You can also experience different betting levels but always check that the bet is set on a level you can afford before you start spinning.

Responsible Gambling

Finally, when you do play with real cash, set deposit limits on your account and don’t spend more than you can afford to. Never gamble whilst drunk or angry and don’t chase your slots loses. 

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