Mehndi or henna, a beautiful stain you’d love to keep! Mehndi has been one of the oldest and most popular traditions amongst South Asian brides in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Weddings are totally incomplete without mehndi and you would totally want to amp up your bridal look with some beautiful mehndi designs.

With so many bridal mehndi designs available online, you might be confused between which one to choose out of the best designs. Well, we have got you covered with some handpicked mehndi designs that would make you fall in love with the designs completely.

1. Arabic Mehndi Design: 

It is one of the most popular mehndi designs and it is an absolute treat to eyes. This specific style is a mix of geometric and floral designs. You can either go for full Arabic design or just pick a minimalistic design. 

2. Peacock Motifs

Peacock is a beautiful bird and how about adding it to your mehndi? It looks super amazing and just elevates your whole design.

3. Get your Travel Journey in your Hand: 

If you and your lover are deeply in love with each other and travel then it has to be in your hands. Getting your beau’s name is different but having your travel journey is another go! 

4. Minimal Back Hand Design: 

If you are someone who loves mehendi but just wants to keep it simple at the same time, well, why not keep it at the back of your head?

5. Get a Series Printed

You two must have recommended each other GOT or spent days Netflix & Chill or Liverpool must have been your point of contact. Well, it is your day and you cannot miss out on that as well. 

6. Add on some Quirk! 

How about adding some quirkiness to your mehndi design and give it a personalized touch of yourself and love.

7. Mehndi on your Back: Last but not the least, how about getting your mehndi on your back instead of your hands? Sounds fun, right? Or maybe get on your hands and back both, sounds interesting! 

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