It is important to take proper care of your skin. There are so many products out on the market that it can be difficult to determine which is best for certain skin types. 

One key product to use on a regular basis is a quality toner. Skin toner refreshes and cleans the face and also helps to control oil. It is typically used after washing the face and directly before applying any type of moisturizer or makeup product. These three proven methods can help determine what kind to use.

Skin Type

Because there are different types of skin, it is wise to determine which one you have to find skin products that are created for that skin type. Those with dry skin tend to have smaller pores and a rough complexion. In the colder winter months does the skin become flakey? Does it peel, crack, or become easily irritated? If so, a toner for dry skin is needed.

Another skin type is oily, which is when the pores are large and it looks shiny because of the excess amount of oil. Combination skin is a mix of both dry and oily. The skin has larger pores and becomes oily in the T-zone, but has small pores everywhere else with little to no oil. Lastly, determine if you have sensitive skin. If it becomes easily irritated with products or tends to burn or get itchy, find a toner that is made for sensitive skin.

Match The Toner

Now that you’ve determined your skin type, it is time to find the toner that matches. If used correctly, toners moisturize, soothe, and cleanse. A toner that is both moisturizing and hydrating is the perfect fit for dry skin. Be sure to find a product that includes peptides, glycolic acid, and glycolipids. 

For oily skin, find a toner that is refreshing and is oil-free, containing ingredients like sodium PCA and sodium hyaluronate. For combination skin, two toners will be needed. Use a hydrating product in the winter when the skin is dry and a refreshing toner in the warmer months.

Tips While Shopping

Toners are great because they help tighten cell gaps and close up pores after washing the skin, getting rid of all impurities. While shopping for a new toner, it is key to check the ingredients. Based on your skin type, it is important to avoid certain ingredients that can make the skin more dry or oily.

Stay away from products that contain tough astringents, regardless of skin type. These ingredients include alcohol, witch hazel, and menthol because they tend to strip the skin of its natural oils and cause irritation. It is also wise to use a fragrance-free toner because the ingredients will be more natural and better for the face.

As stated above, there are many benefits to using a good toner daily. Toner can be used simply after cleansing the face before moisturizing or it can provide a fresh, clean slate to work with when applying makeup for the day. Those who are looking to up their daily beauty game need to have a quality toner that works well with whatever skin type they have. Use the tips above to find one that works best for you.

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