If there’s one thing I love about getting my own place, it’s decorating it in a simple yet elegant way, and my favorite thing is lighting. Lighting for me is everything, because it can always transform any dull looking home into a beautiful scenery when placed properly; plus it also makes my pictures more beautiful and, gives my home that A-list celebrity feel.

La lampe pose

You may feel the need to go for expensive, state-of-the-art luxury lighting like the ones the Kardashian’s use in their home, when simple, luxury lighting can you achieve that, and more at an affordable rate too. Simple, unique, luxury lighting can transform and make your home stand out and look beautiful no matter what. Looking at Skyline’s luxurious, yet simple lighting accessory, La Lampe Pose, it is a luxury indoor/outdoor lighting furniture that combines innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship to beautify your home. It is also weather and water resistant thus, making it easy to handle and be placed anywhere, whilst retaining its luxurious appearance in your home/space.

The best part about this lamp is that it is wireless and powered by solar; so you don’t have to charge it or worry about it dying as it provides 100 lumens of light after being exposed to 5 hours of sunlight for charging. It can also be hung outside on a line or tree branch to even beautify your home, as well as placed on a table outside or inside. This lamp is a minimalist accessory that can add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. Your home can go from boring to fairytale in a second with this lamp, and you can have a lovely evening dining or just lounging outside with a hot cup of chocolate and some nice music.

Asides your home, this lamp is also perfect for minimalist restaurants, offices, hotels or basically anywhere that needs a touch of elegance. It can be used on its base, on its side or on it’s head, whatever suits your taste. Why opt for candles when you can opt for a beautiful lamp that adds more ambiance to your space?

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