Online shopping has exploded over the past few years. Popular places like www.superdry.sg continue to provide a great online retail experience. So, what makes it a better choice than retail? The seven advantages below should be more than enough to change your mind. It’s a revolution that grows yearly, with bigger and better deals for the consumers. 

7. Price

There are cheaper prices online for a reason. Without the upkeep of an actual physical store, online retailers don’t have to pass on the price to the consumer. This is a big deal, especially during holidays sales where brick and mortar stores have to deal with a lot of price matching. That means it is more likely to be out of stock in a physical store long before it happens online. 

6. Convenience

You can online shop from a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone and smartwatch. If you want to take it further, you can shop from an internet connected video game console, smart tv or with a set top box configuration that allows purchases. There are multiple ways to make a purchase, and none of them are forced. 

5. Clearance

Clearance is a tricky one since physical stores are still great for clearance items. A lot of good clearance items are not marketed by physical stores. You just walk in and see an incredible but non-advertised price. Online shopping is different, and there are even times they will advertise clearance days in advance. 

4. Promotions

Online only promotions are a big thing and can lead to massive discounts on products. These are often overstocking or liquidation, so are unique to the individual brand. Some of these promotions require signing up in advance to be alerted of their release.  If this is a product you really need, then it is a great way to get a deal that is limited to an online only coupon. 

3. Updates On Out Of Stock Items

Brick and mortar stores are not always reliable when it comes to alerting consumers about items that are back in stock. If they don’t offer update options of any kind, you are forced to call in every week until it is in stock. Online stores make it convenient to keep track of items that you want the most. 

2. Quick Shipping

One day shipping options are available if you need a product fast. Regular shipping is reliable, and can often lead to a 2-5 day wait. With live tracking, you’ll always know where the product is and when it is set to arrive. 

Shopping online

1. No Salesman

The day of the helpful salesman isn’t dead, but it is far past the prime. Consumers only want to be bothered when they have a question, not before. Shopping online keeps you from having the research experience interrupted by an ambitious employee. And if it turns out you need help, email, live chat and phone options are always a few clicks away. 

Wrap Up

There is nothing that an average consumer can’t buy online. Online shopping is a great customer focused experience. Find what you want the most and order it from the comfort of anywhere. The only limit is your time, wallet and willingness to do research. 

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