I can’t overemphasize the importance of car maintenance because cars need regular maintenance in order to ensure they’re in good working condition, they function properly and they’re also fit to pass an MOT test.

Although, every part of the car is very important, the tyres are almost the most important part of the car as they’re the wheels that move the vehicle from place to place and when not properly looked after, can result in an accident. How then can you ensure your car tyre is in a good condition? There are several ways you can take care of your car tyre to ensure its longevity and it’s in proper working condition. Here are a few tips to help you ensure your car tyre is spick and span on a routine basis.

Overall Car Servicing

Car servicing is important as it ensures your car is always safe and roadworthy; tyres included; whilst checking for any issue that may be building up. Not only does car servicing ensure your car is in a proper working condition, but it also saves you money on upcoming, unforeseen repairs when the need arises. When it comes to ensuring your tyres are in proper condition, there are different types of car servicing to consider; although only two are important for your tyres.

The first being the full servicing which looks into all aspects of your cars, not just your tyres. So in ensuring your car tyre is roadworthy, you’ll also be checking the overall condition of your car in case of repair or replacement of parts like fuel filter, engine, power steering fluid, air filter, electrical system, spark plugs, brakes, carburetor, wheel alignment, and so on. The second is the interim servicing which checks and replaces your car’s worn out tyre as well other parts of your car like leaking hoses, faulty lights, water level, brake fluid and oil.

Tyre Replacement

Faulty tyres can lead to accident and as such, must be checked and replaced when necessary. In order to know if your tyre is properly fitted or if it needs to be replaced or not, there are a few things you need to check and look out for; like checking the tyre treads for uneven wear patterns, checking if it’s properly inflated, ensuring the tread depth is sufficient and it hasn’t gone beyond its limit of 1.6mm, as well as checking for tears, sharp objects, holes and blisters on the tyre, all of which will indicate that your tyre needs to be replaced.

Always ensure you do this before driving as it’s much safer to check your tire in the comfort of your own home garage than on the side of the road/freeway. If the case may be when you’re already on the road, always ensure you have a spare tyre with you, and a good one at that because there’s no point of having a spare tyre if it’s also in a bad condition. As such, to ensure you get the best tyres, it’s most convenient to order tyres in Berkshire at Headley Tyres & get them delivered to your door step so you can easily install them at home or at a garage and have a safe drive.

Avoid Overload

Most people don’t know this, but overloading your car can affect your tyre thus causing tyre failure, as well as affecting its performance on the road. Unsure of how much weight your car can handle? There’s a placard located on your door frame which contains this information, or you can check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for confirmation.

Overloading your car can cause your tyre to blowout, increase fuel consumption as well as causing tyre damage due to the amount of stress the weight of your load places on your tyre as well as other parts of your vehicle. As such, it’s advisable to know the weight capacity your car can handle as well as ensuring your tyre has the optimum rim width for tyre load function. 

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