Whether you’re driving a car, a truck or an RV, whether you use your vehicle once in a while or everyday, once your car is over 3 years old, it must, by law, take and pass an MOT test to show that it is roadworthy. An MOT test is a Ministry of Transport test carried out every year to ensure a car is safe enough to be driven on the road.

MOT test is usually taken for granted during the summer which is even the most important time to do it because of the weather and roads; especially in London where it is believed that vehicles must be environmentally safe in order for the road to be kept safe for everyone using the road and as such, you can be penalised for a hefty fine on London roads.

An MOT test involves a lot of car checks that could range from the brakes to the fuel system, horn, seat and seatbelts, mirrors, exhaust system, windscreen wipers, lights, doors, and so on in order to ensure the vehicle meets the legal requirements. In order to take and pass an MOT, it is important that you choose the right MOT centre. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing a local MOT centre as you have to ensure that you can trust them, they’re not too pricey, they provide the right services and you don’t have to find another MOT centre in the end. Here are some top tips to consider when choosing a local MOT centre for your vehicle.

Ensure They’re Authorized

This is the first thing you have to put into consideration when choosing an MOT centre because going for a centre that’s not authorized by the local council is a bad choice. All centers must be approved by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency/government because in the end, your MOT test has to be legal. An authorized MOT centre will have a logo which contains 3 white triangles in a blue background either on their website or in their shop. Luckily, you can get MOT in london at local experts from DAT Tyres as they’re approved by the government so you no longer have to worry about looking for an authorized centre

What do Their Reviews Say?

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Reviews are what makes or breaks a business as they’re very important in making the right decision because they’re experiences from people who have used the service/product. When choosing an MOT centre, it’s best to look at reviews about the centre either by going through their website or by asking  a reliable person for an MOT centre in your locality. And, if they can be trusted and nearby to you, you can leave your vehicle at their garage and go back for it. Also, most centres offer additional services to customers so ensure to read through those reviews in order to select the best centre

What Services do They Offer?

An MOT is carried out to ensure that a car is roadworthy and as such, an authorized MOT centre will perform several checks on your vehicle as outlined by the local council. The MOT centre you choose should offer a wide range of services like repairs and maintenance if the need arises. As services may vary from centre to centre, it’s important to know what kind of services, repairs, and bodywork the centre specializes in, if they have good repair tools, if they’re experienced in repairing your model of vehicle, if they have the latest automated systems for vehicle repairs and so on. You want to ensure that their services covers your vehicles repair and maintenance needs and that you pass the MOT test.

What do They Charge?

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Although everyone is looking for a cheaper centre, most centres with the cheapest deals can cost you more in the long run but that doesn’t mean you should go for the expensive one either. It’s best to find an affordable centre with clear pricing structure that suits both your budget and vehicle needs so you can pass your MOT test and ensure your vehicle back on the road quickly. Alongside, you should also look into the MOT cancellations, retest and reschedule policy if the centre so you’re aware of the fees you’ll spend.

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