I think it’s safe to say that summer is one of my favorite time of the year; asides fall of course where bright and floral outfits become the new “it”. Asides the hot weather, parties, vacations, relaxations, tanning, swimsuits, beaches (you name it) this summer, my favorite thing about this period is giving my wardrobe an overhaul and trying out new outfits but, this time, outfits I can still rock even after summer. 

This summer, I’m adding more pop of colors to my wardrobe for that flair and jaw dropping summer look. I’ll be ignoring the conventional bright colored gown for a more simple and yet, bright look that you can rock to anywhere this summer; so our events/locations won’t be restricted by our outfits. I had a look at justyouroutfit and I’ve come up with the perfect summer outfit for every occasion. Can’t wait to rock these and turn heads this summer!

Neon Lime Hooded Jacket 

Seeing this jacket, I was like “yes!” Neon meets summer, jacket meets jacket lover! I’m a huge lover of jackets and I’m not looking to wear gown this summer so this jacket automatically became the perfect thing. The bright neon color is the flair we need to turn heads no matter where we go; especially at a party. I love that it is light weight and not too thick so despite the hot weather, you wouldn’t really be hot wearing a jacket. I also love the black details on both zips; giving it two colors instead of just one color which would’ve been a bit boring. This jacket can be paired with a biker shorts, normal shorts or a trouser along with a crop top or bralette as a beach wear, party wear or practically any occasion wear.

Gold Mirror Sunglasses 

Is it even summer without sunglasses? Parties, beaches, vacation at Greece requires glasses, especially if it’s during the day. Sunglasses are not just meant to protect our eyes from the sun or enable us see clearly when the sun is too bright; they’re also a clothing accessory meant to complement an outfit. Sometimes you don’t always need black glasses; and talking about adding colors to our wardrobe this summer, this gold mirror glasses is perfect to compliment an outfit as it stands out. Pair it with whatever outfit you have in mind, and you’re good to go!

Off-Shoulder Co-ord

That beach party or summer walk in Greece requires a cute and pretty outfit, and this tropical print, off shoulder, short co-ord is the perfect outfit as it shows a little skin; allowing your skin to soak up some summer sun! This co-ord is so beautiful, and with the little, white dropping details at the bottom, the design is pretty, the flare dropping from the top also adds to the beauty of this outfit. Also the outfit is free on the body so you can feel comfortable in it whilst enjoying the nice summer breeze.

With these outfits, you’re sure to enjoy your summer whilst looking fashionable and comfortable no matter where you might be. We have to enjoy this summer because every year, we get to create new looks so why not create the best, pop of color this summer and just have fun with everything. 

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