Owning a car is an important thing; but also a big deal as it requires a lot of work to ensure proper functioning. Whether you drive regularly or once in a while, you go on long trips or short ones, or you barely use your car, car maintenance  is of utmost importance to ensure the car functions properly no matter the weather or condition. Focusing on tyres, they are very important as they’re the wheels of the vehicle which takes the vehicle to different places and when not properly maintained, the outcome can be bad as it’ll result in skids or accidents which will be dangerous for everyone involved as well as money being spent on car repair when such happens.

Negligence of Car Servicing on Car Tyres:

Car servicing ensures the overall proper functioning of the car; tyres included; as it ensures the longevity of the vehicle and checks for any issue that may be building up. Regular car servicing is important as it prevents upcoming problems that may arise, and it also saves you some money on future repairs when it piles up. Not carrying out regular car servicing can lead to the breakdown of the car which may result in accident and lots of money being spent to repair the damage done; especially when driving in a state with tricky traffic and congested roads. There are different types of servicing to look into in order to choose the right one for your tyre. 

The full service not only looks into the tyres but rather, it focus on all aspects of the car for any part that requires repair or replacement. It checks and/or replaces parts like the tyre air pressure, tyre rotation, power steering fluid,wheels, fuel filter,  fuel, seat belts, bonnet, engine,  charging systems, wheel alignment, carburetor, horn, shock absorbers, spark plugs, electrical system, oil and oil filter, suspension, light, air filter, exhaust, air conditioner, car battery, anti-freeze coolant, brakes, and so on to ensure the proper functioning of the car. The basic service; although it doesn’t check the tyres as it checks and replaces the only parts used in this service which are the engine oil and engine oil filter. The interim service which varies according to each garage checks and replaces parts like worn out tyres, oil, water level, leaking hoses, brake fluid, and faulty lights. Neglecting car servicing will affect every aspect of the car; especially the tyres as they’ll get worn out, and probably have sharp objects or punctures in them which wouldn’t be looked out and can, in turn, lead to an accident while driving.

Car Tyre Failure:

We can’t over emphasize the importance of tyres as they’re basically what moves the vehicle. A faulty tyre is a faulty car and a faulty car can be dangerous as they can lead to accidents. Tyre maintenance looks into problems like embedded sharp objects, insufficient tread depth, over inflation/under inflation, wearing out of the tyre as well as the grip of the tyre on the road. A bad tyre can compromise the fuel economy of a state, it can lead to high risk of motor accidents due to the tyre having a poor grip on the road as a result of insufficient pressure caused by over inflation or under inflation of the tyre pressure.

As such, it’s best to keep tyres properly inflated to the recommended tyre pressure so it has the right level of grip on the road as the wrong tyre pressure can cause the tyres to wear out and go bad which will result in an accident. It’s also important to check the thread depth to make sure it’s sufficient around the tyres circumference. You can do so by checking the tread wear bar to make sure the tread depth isn’t beyond the safe driving limit which is 1.6mm, you can also check the treads for uneven wear patterns as it may lead to another problem with the tyre. In addition, it’s best to always check the tyre in case of sharp objects, blisters or bulge on the sidewall of the tyre. Though, before buying just any tyre, or a spare tyre, you have to make sure you get the best tyre out there in order to avoid a fast wearing out of the tyre or other problems that may arise with the tyre. As such, you can get car tyres online at Point S which provides the best tyres for your car.

Failed Brakes may Lead to Unresponsive Tyres:

The brake is connected to the tyre as it slows down the movement of the vehicle while driving and as such, brakes are an important aspect to look into when talking about car maintenance and tyre maintenance. A bad brake can lead to an accident as it’ll no longer be able to control the tyres. As such, checking the brakes can identify and prevent any issue that may arise. As the brake pad gets older, the brake becomes softer as a result of the friction material wearing out which will damage the brake disc and, when not replaced, can lead to a bad brake and a loss of control while driving. As well, new brake pads may feel spongy; indicating that the brake fluid needs to topped up while in some cases the brake fluid may drop either due to a leakage or may stop flowing due to air entering, which will prevent the brake from working. If the brake isn’t checked, the result can be fatal especially during traffic or during stops as the tyres will be unresponsive when you hit the brakes.

Owning a car is more than just driving it around from place to place; it requires a lot of maintenance to ensure it functions well. Tyres are a very important part of every vehicle as without them, the vehicle won’t move and, when not looked after, they can wear out and lead to accidents on the road. The sooner you quit bad tyres and regularly check or maintain yours, the safer you’ll be on the road.

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