Whether you’re planing to go on a road trip either alone or with the family, or you’re driving to work everyday, or your vehicle is used for commercial purposes, and no matter the vehicle that’ll be used, either a car, a van, or a bus, as long as you’ll be driving either regularly or once in a while, car maintenance is very important for the overall functioning of the car.

In order to maintain and make sure your vehicle is working properly, it’s best to always go for car servicing to ensure the longevity of the vehicle. You can opt for either the interim service, the basic service or the full service. The interim service focuses on oil change as well as some other additional maintenance checks like brake fluid, worn out tyres, faulty lights, water level, and leaking hoses. The basic service involves the replacement of the only parts that would be used in this type of service; which are the engine oil and engine oil filter. The full service focuses on and checks every part of the car for repair and replacement; from the fuel filter to the engine, tyres, brakes, air filter, charging systems, wheel alignment, power steering fluid, carburetor, anti-freeze coolant, fuel, spark plugs, exhaust, shock absorbers, air conditioner, seat belts, electrical system, horn, brake oil and filter, car battery, suspension, bonnet, light, tyre air pressure, and so on.Car brake

Although the overall functioning of the car is important, the car brake is a very important aspect of the car to look into because its failure when driving can be dangerous. A lot of things can cause the brake to wear out. For example, during traffic, the brakes are used quickly and more often due to the drive-and-stop movement that takes place causing the brake to be over used which in turn wears it down. When such happens, the brake needs to be checked and serviced to ensure it works properly.

Also, as the brake pad gets older, the brake becomes softer which means the pad needs to be replaced with a new one; which can be done easily by lifting the car and removing the brake calliper assembly. In some cases, the brakes feel spongy when the pad is new which means the brake fluid needs to topped up. Also, there could be a leak which causes the brake fluid to drop; preventing the brake from working. When such happens, the leak needs to treated and the fluid should be topped up.Mot test

Considering this, if your car is older than 3 years, by law in the UK, it is required to take and pass an MOT (Ministry of Transport) test every year to show that it meets roadworthy standards. An MOT test involves all lot of car checks; ranging from the horn, to the brakes, seat and seatbelts, fuel system, windscreen wipers, lights, doors, mirrors, exhaust system and so on to check the condition of the car. As the brakes are one of the most used parts of a car, they are one of the most important parts looked into during an MOT test because they become very dangerous when neglected.

As such, during an MOT test, the brake pads, brake disc and shoes are checked in order to show the condition of the brake. Luckily, VOSA approved MOT in London is now provided by Iverson Tyres. They have a great range of tyres to offer its customers – visit them next and you won’t be disappointed.Car maintenance

Ensuring the proper functioning of the brake can detect and avoid any problem that may arise even before it shows on the brake and will ensure you pass your MOT test. A good brake can prevent an accident when driving and can also save you huge amount of money on car maintenance if it arises. In order to ensure your brake is functioning properly, it’s best to have it serviced regularly and, before driving, you should always make sure the brake fluid is topped up with high performance brake fluid so it is lubricated as well as checking the brake fluid to make sure air doesn’t enter and changing the brake fluid when necessary, also checking and changing the brake caliper to prevent it from getting stuck, so the brake can perform well on the road, checking to make sure the brake disc isn’t weak and making sure the brake pad isn’t thin thus, preventing an unresponsive brake.

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