Planning a family road trip is exciting! There’ll be music, stories, laughter, probably some argument, and most of all, everyone gets to bond. Whether you’re taking a long trip or a short one, going on a vacation, going to visit relatives, or whatever the case may be, road trips are always fun. While preparing for road trips, we tend to consider things like food, stopping for short breaks, the kids’ safety, how long the trip will take, and so on; but we never really consider one important thing, and that’s car maintenance and car safety.

Whether you’re taking a car, an RV, a van, or whatever vehicle, car maintenance and safety is important for everyone embarking on a road trip. The role of car maintenance for safe driving cannot be overlooked when considering road trips as cars require proper maintenance and service to ensure they perform well during travelling both for the driver and the passengers. For example, if every part of a car is properly serviced and the brakes are not, it could lead to a disaster. That being said, here are some major car safety tips to look into when planning a road trip.

Brake Checks
Car brakes are an important aspect to look into when travelling because the outcome of a failed car brake can be dangerous for everyone involved. Checking your brakes can avoid any upcoming issue even before it shows and will save you some money on huge car maintenance when the need arises. Before embarking on a road trip, it’s best check the brake pad to change it if it becomes soft, the brake caliper to prevent it from getting stuck as well as changing the brake fluid and oil when necessary; all of which can prevent unresponsive brake.Car brake

If you can’t check the brakes by yourself, it’s best to take it to a mechanic workshop to have it serviced. You can choose the interim service which involves checking and changing of the brake fluid when necessary, as well as other maintenance checks like water level, oil change, leaking hoses, worn out tyres and faulty lights; to be on the safer side. Or you can opt for a full service which involves the thorough checking of the car parts to ensure the car is working properly for safe driving.

For example, travelling to, from and within places like Chelmsford can be challenging as it is one of the most congested city’s in the UK. The Army and Navy roundabout for instance which is a major gateway to the city as it is a major point on the network where five roads meet at the junction or Parkway and Valley Bridge, is usually congested with traffic which slows down driving, increases journey period and causes the frequent use of brakes in traffic and in turn, increases the harm and wearing of the brakes this affecting driving, which can be dangerous when not looked into. In order to get your car Brakes repaired in Chelmsford, you can visit Jet Wheel Tyre to have your car brake fixed and serviced properly.

Tyre Checks and Replacement
Tyres are an another important aspect to look into in any vehicle before embarking on a road trip because they’re the wheels of the vehicle and if left in a bad condition, it can lead to blowouts or accidents which is bad for everyone involved. A bad tire is dangerous when on the road.Tyre replacement

In order to avoid an accident, it’s best check the tyre for sharp objects as well as checking for blisters or a bulge on the sidewall, keep the tyres inflated to the recommended tyre pressure and check the tread wear bars to make sure it doesn’t go beyond the limit for safe driving, which generally is around 1.6mm thereby making sure the tread depth is sufficient; to avoid tyre failure. You can as well opt for an interim service which checks and replaces bad tyres or a full service which looks into the tyres and much more. It’s best to always carry a spare tyre along in case of a flat tyre.

Oil Checks and Change
There are so many factors that doesn’t allow for the oil to flow properly and in turn, lubricate as well as protect the engine’s parts. The car oil and as well as the filter, as an important aspect of the car’s engine and function need to be checked and changed often to ensure the car engine is properly lubricated which in turn prevents friction, ensures the effective running of the car and increase fuel efficiency.Oil checks

Bad engine oil which is usually thin when not changed results in the wearing out and over heating of the vehicle; causing the car engine to shut down and thus, require fixing/replacement. In order to avoid engine failure when driving, it’s best to always check the oil filter for dirt, drain and replace the oil in use, as well as checking for oil leakage. If you can’t change the oil by yourself, you can opt for either an interim service which involves oil change among other maintenance checks, a basic/minor service which involves the replacement of the engine oil as well as the engine oil filter, or the full service which involves complete maintenance of the vehicle

When planning a road trip, asides these listed safety tips, you can also check minor details like the seat belt, a.c., windshield, mirrors, seats, car doors, lights and so on for the overall safety of everyone. Its best to always ensure the overall proper functioning of the car, which is where car maintenance comes in because the role of car maintenance for safe driving cannot be overlooked as it is very important especially when planning a road trip. In the end, taking car safety measures before going on a road trip is a necessity because it helps prevent hazards while driving.

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