2019 came upon like with so much excitement and aspirations; not to mention the new movies coming out, the new songs we’re awaiting, new goal we’re trying to crush, our birthdays, plus the joys of all our favourite weather’s. 2019 is just another year to live our life to the fullest and make our dreams a reality but, with all these new year resolutions and new things we’re waiting on, this is also a year to take our fashion sense to the next level.

Sometimes it can be difficult choosing an outfit for basically any occasion but when it comes to the simplest and yet chic outfit to go for, we’ve got you covered. I’ve teamed up with Quiz Man (for men) and Quiz Clothing (for women) to give you the easiest outfit inspo for this year that’ll take your wardrobe to the next level.

MenQuiz men
Let’s face it, men usually have it easy when it comes to choosing an outfit. With the right pair of chinos/trousers/pants/jeans, t-shirt/polo, a shoe of their choice (sneakers, boots, etc) and the right accessories to match (wristwatch, scarf, glasses, etc), your outfit is complete. Everything is so simple, classy and easy; depending on your choice of outfit. But well, sometimes men have to dress classy because there’s nothing more attractive than a man in a smart suit. Although this outfit is still super easy as well. With the right pair of trouser, t-shirt, men’s blazer like this dark grey jersey blazer, a nice pair of shoe, and a minimal accessory, you can look classy and sophisticated; going from ordinary to smart in a matter of minutes no matter the colour you opt for. It can be worn to the office, on a date, or almost all occasions.

WomenQuiz Clothing
The hardest part of choosing an outfit involves women because we’re always going out so we practically need going out dresses for all occasions. Not to talk about the makeup, hair style, accessory and so on; it’s exhausting. But who says choosing an outfit has to be difficult? You can easily opt for a fitted gown like this black and gold sequin ombre bodycon dress that’s not only pretty but perfect for almost any occasion as it reveals your curves without showing too much skin at the same time. It’s the combination of a bright colour and a dark colour so it’s not too bright and not too dull either. Pairing this can be easy. With the right pair of heels (sandal heels preferably), a minimal accessory (gold dropping earrings and/or a necklace), a black small bag/purse, a jacket/coat and a minimal makeup, you’re good to go.

Dressing to go out doesn’t have to so difficult anymore. With the right choice of outfit paired with the right things, you’re good to go out for any occasion and you can go from day-to-night with your choice of outfit.

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