This is usually the time of the year where a lot of families go on road trips which usually costs a lot of money due to the car expenses that’ll need to be covered. Though, regardless, planning your budget for a car, especially when you want to get one or when you already own one is important to make sure you’re not constantly spending on your car as car expenses usually cost a lot of money which comes from your pocket and at times can financially run down the car owner. Knowing your car expenses and having a budget can save you as a car owner a lot of stress and money in the long run. These are some of the ways you can plan and cut down on your car budget

1. Buy a Second Hand Car: Before you can start planning your budget for a car, you need to own a car first and knowing what you can afford is best. Sometimes, depending on your budget, it’s best to buy a used car which cost less money than a new one. Economically, the price of new cars, once bought, depreciates over the years and unless you’re extremely rich, it’s best to go for a second hand car that’ll cost less and still work effectively. With that being said, if you’re unsure of where to get a good and reliable second hand car that’ll serve the purpose of a new car, you can contact KAP Motors in Brighton Centre as they sell a huge range of reliable second hand fiat cars.Maintenance

2. Regular Car Maintenance: Regular car maintenance reduces the cost of expenses in the long run of using the car. Lack of car maintenance can lead to upcoming issues which will cost a lot of money due to the repair charges. As a car owner, there are several ways you can make sure your car is in the perfect condition to avoid unforseen expenses for example changing your spark plugs when necessary, regularly checking your oil, checking tread depth, hoses, and battery, replacing your air filter, checking tire condition and pressure, checking the brake pad, and so on. Early car maintenance prevents outrageous car charges when it needs major repair by a mechanic which will only affect your budget.

3. Go a Short Distance/Plan Your Trip: Planning ahead for your trip and going a short distance can save you a lot on fuel cost because the more you drive, the more fuel you burn; not to mention the oil that’ll need to be changed and the tire that’ll most probably wear out. More so, the way you drive your car can affect your fuel economy. If you’re going on a long trip, it’s best to avoid taking your car rather, try other forms of transportation like public transportation because in the long run, driving regularly especially on long trips will affect the car which will lead to repair cost and in turn lower its value. The less you drive, the more you’ll save on fuel and maintenance cost.Car budget

4. Minimize the use of your Air Condition: Air condition is usually an important aspect of any car; especially when the weather is hot but, it is also another reason for excessive fuel usage. Due to cutting down on your car budget, it’s best to make use of the AC in moderation rather than using it during the whole ride. For example, use the Air Condition at one point, during low speed and then keep your windows rolled down later on, during high speed; or whichever is convenient. This lessens the rate at which fuel is used and in turn, saves you money on fuel.

5. Save for Future Repairs: This might sound weird but saving for future car repairs can save you a lot of money when the car breaks down and needs major fixing. Most times, cars break down unexpectedly and if you don’t have money right there and then to fix it, you’ll have to find other means to get the money before it gets worse, which affects your budget because it was an unplanned incident but, when you have money saved already, fixing the car won’t affect you or your budget. It’s basically like saving for the rainy day; set aside a little cash every month for car repair so when the need arises, you’re spared from spending unplanned and unnecessary expenses.

6. Get a Good Insurance: Insurance is an important thing every car owner needs to consider and look into but with so many insurance options, who says it has to be expensive and a great deal for a car owner? It’s easy and free to renew your insurance plan, and in the case of an accident, settling your insurance claim by lowing your excess monthly rates can be a good way to cut down on your budget. Also, keeping a clean and safe driving record especially by avoiding accidents, clashes or traffic tickets can save you some money as you may be able to get some bonuses and discounts as well as saving you some bundles on insurance. That way, you won’t have to worry about spending too much money on insurance.

Car expenses is usually the most expensive thing to maintain after house expenses; and no one wants to spend excessively on a car when there are other expenses to take care of as that money can be used for other important things. So, cutting down on your car expenses to save you a few dollars is a smart decision to make in order to avoid financial problems in the future.

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