I haven’t written a personal fashion post about my own style in a while so, I’ll kick-start fashion posts by talking about dinner gowns. We all know a dinner is an elegant event of refinement, beauty and luxury; not to talk about the camera’s, wine, men in suits or tuxedos, minimal decor and the music. Dinners are all about showing your fancy side and living up to the standard of the high social class. No matter your background, when going for a dinner, and despite the theme, you have to look as graceful and elegant as possible. Everything has to match from your hair, your dress, your makeup, accessories, to your shoe.

A dinner dress sometimes requires a pop of colour like red, yellow, pink, blue, etc, but black, silver, or grey also works perfectly when paired the right way, and it can be made from different fabrics like Satin, Velvet, Organza, Chiffon, Crepe, Georgette, and so on, and mixed and matched with trimmings of various styles and colours. I had a dinner gown made for me, which I’ll talk about in this post, and because I wanted attention, I chose a bright orange colour with silver trimmings to bring out the beauty of the gown, as well it’s long, flowing train.Dinner gown

The fabric of the gown was made from bright Crepe, and was made to be fitted from the neck to the knee where the train started from, as it should be. A silver trimming was used around the neck, the opening by the belly and the back, as well as the flowing bottom of the dress to beautify it. If gold trimming was used, the orange fabric would’ve hidden it due to the slight similarity in both colours that’s why silver, as a bright colour on its own was used instead. Also, the trimming was only used in those areas so as to beautify the gown rather than make it over the top because if the trimming was used on the hand or any other obvious place, it would’ve been a bit too much.

The opening at the belly and the back of the dress mixed with the trimming was to give the dress a bit of flair due to the plain nature of the fabric. Without those, it would’ve been a plain, flowing gown with no flair or elegance. The trimming on the flowing bottom of the gown were arranged in a sequence so as to add to the beauty and elegance of the train because if they were thrown in a scattered way, in the process of walking, the beauty will become more of an artistic disaster as the design won’t go with the flow.Crepe dinner dress

In terms of accessories I paired the outfit with a silver shoe; though the shoe isn’t showing because of how long the gown is, and I also went with a silver dropping earring. I chose mostly silver because of the silver trimming on the dress, so as to complement the outfit. Going with a different colour like black, pink or gold wouldn’t have been a good choice due to the colour combination. As for the makeup, I chose a red lipstick, which is a bit similar to the orange dress, and also to draw attention to my face, as well as a subtle eyeshadow to create a bit of an elegant look. I didn’t go with a purse but if I were to choose one, I’d most definitely go with a silver purse as well.Dinner outfit

When choosing a dinner gown, your makeup and accessory has to complement the dress; going with a totally different colour will take you from “elegant” to “fashion don’t”, and that’s not the aim of a graceful look. Guys can always go with a black and/or white suit or tuxedo and they can mix and match however they want; it’ll most likely turn out sophisticated but, the harder part involves women. That’s why when going for an elegant look, be careful what you choose and decide to pair your outfit with; any mistake can lead to a fashion disaster.

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