Are you thinking of getting the Glitz Glam eyeshadow palette? My answer for you is “yes!” This palette was gifted to me by (this post is in no way sponsored). Before I talk about the palette, Tosave is honestly one of the best sites to shop for all things beauty, fashion, hardware, etc, because their products are super affordable. You can get this palette for a whooping $6.33! Now, back to the palette; when I unboxed it, I fell in love with the shades. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my story where I goshed about this palette and how much I loved it.

This is one of the prettiest palettes I’ve ever seen; the shades are gorgeous and those glitters are absolutely beautiful! I just couldn’t stop staring at it; and honestly couldn’t wait to try it out. I did swatches of it that very day! The shades (matte) are highly pigmented and the glitter is all round glitter. I’ll talk about the packaging first because it was so pretty and chic! Love that it’s actually black; though the flowers and inscription of the name on it is pink and orange, but I love it either way. I love more than anything that when I opened it, the surface was glistening gold! I think that’s the main beauty of the palette and it’s just spectacular and eye-catching. I also love how small and handy it is; so easy to carry around and fit into a small purse for a night out.Eyeshadow

About the shades; they’re beyond beautiful! I love how they look so subtle and undertoned a bit, but they’re actually pigmented and quite noticeable when applied. The shades of the Anastasia beverly hills modern renaissance palette are all undertoned and I got used to using something that didn’t attract much attention to my eyes; but then came the Glitz Glam eyeshadow palette and surprisingly, I’m loving how noticeable it is.

The first time I used it, I want for the three darker shades -the 3rd to the 5th- (I wish they had names) but later I went with just two shades -the 3rd and the 4th- and I loved the look I was able to create with it. It was almost like a girly smokey eye and it was just the perfect combination; especially when applied under my eye lids. It attracted more attention to my face and made my eyes look awake. Not to mention that it’s also long lasting and it stays on no matter what.Glitz glam

I recently used the glitter and I was amazed at how well it blended (with the brush). I didn’t use primer or any liquid with it; and it stayed on throughout the day without coming off. I even slept with it on (because I was too lazy to take off my makeup), and when I woke up, it was still on. Considering I didn’t retouch it, it actually lasted for hours. I think it’s the longest lasting eyeshadow I’ve ever used. Those glitters shine bright like a diamond and it didn’t feel or look over the top at all. So far, I’m loving this palette and it’s what I use whenever I want to create a bold look.

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