As YouTubers, video directors, movie/music producers, or basically anything that involves videography, we often look for the perfect video shoot locations, film production studio, music video location or basically just the perfect location to perfect our work so it comes out great. When directing or producing a movie, music video, YouTube video, short clip, or even a blooper, location matters because it’ll determine your theme and the outcome of the video.

I got the chance to work behind the scenes with SoFlo Studio on a music video by an upcoming artist and I’ll give you guys a run down of how it went. SoFlo studio is a video production studio based in Sunrise, Florida near Miami and Fort Lauderdale. They provide standing sets, video production services and even the location for a movie, YouTube, or music video shoot, making it easy for directors and producers to shoot the required scenes without any hassle. Best part is that they specialize in pre-production shoot and post-production shoot. Basically, all you have to do is choose your desired video production studio and they’ll set everything up for you; from setting up lighting equipment, to providing the filming locations, managing the set, providing props and even assisting with video editing.Locker room

Our director booked two standing set locations with SoFlo studio based on the required scene, and moved to the next step which was shooting the video. Based on the theme which was a high school scene, we choose to create a scene with a locker room and classroom location. The locker room could be anywhere; at a school or a gym but it didn’t matter, as long as it looked like a boys locker room to create the high school scene. The locker room was large and clean, and it accommodated our needs. Honestly reminded me of “Glee”; with the red gym suit, singing and all; though ours had more of a modern touch and high school locker romance.

The next video location shoot was in the class room; students chit-chatting, pass notes, chewing gum and so on. The classroom studio looked like an actual classroom with the desks, the clock, the posters, the board, even the painting and just like in “High School Musical”, anything can happen. The classroom was spacious which gave way to enough actions, dancing and movements. They also provided lighting, which was included with full day rentals, and props to assist with the shoot.Classroom

In regards to the props, which makes the scenes more life-like, their props range from cop cars, guns and uniforms for the police station and prison set, scrubs for the hospital room set, also uniforms for the classroom and hotel lobby set, even fake money, as well any other required item for the video shoot. In the end, the video shoot was a success because SoFlo studio worked with us to make sure we had everything we possibly needed to create a high quality video without much stress. So, whenever you want to shoot a video and you’re looking for the perfect video location, look no further because SoFlo studio is perfect for any kind of video shoot/videography.

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