Planning a road trip can be so fun when you have the following factors in place: where will you go? How long will it take? What food items should you take along? When should you stop for short breaks? etc. Whether it’s a family road trip, a school road trip or just a getaway for a few friends, there are so many factors to consider when embarking on a road trip but, after packing and arranging, the one thing we overlook is the car service checkups. When taking a road trip, either with an RV, a van, or whatever vehicle we choose, car maintenance is an important aspect of every road trip that’s usually ignored.

Car maintenance, when ignored, can slow down the trip due to several factors which includes flat tire, exhaust failure, low oil, brake failure, and so on. There are several aspects of your car to look into before embarking on a road trip, and this post will address 4 aspects which will ensure and guarantee a safe trip when looked into.

1. Tyre Replacement and FittingsTyre fitting
The tyre is an important part of the vehicle as its one of the things can keeps the vehicle moving and, when not looked after; faulty tyres can lead to skids. Always make sure the tread depth is sufficient by checking the tread wear bars to know if the tread depth has gone beyond the limit for safe driving, which is generally 1.6mm, also check the treads for uneven wear patterns which may indicate another problem with the tyre, and make sure there’s no bulge or blister on the sidewall of the tyre as it can lead to tyre failure which could be dangerous when driving. However, it’s best to always have a spare tire when going on road trips in case of a flat tire caused by sharp objects and, checking the tyre in use for sharp objects as well as keeping them inflated before embarking on the road trip can save you lots of problems.

2. Brake Fitting
Car brakes are another important aspect of the car because when it fails, the outcome could be dangerous; and no one wants that. Constantly checking your brakes can identify an issue even before it shows on the car brake; which gives you the opportunity to work on it before you embark on your road trip. Always check the brake pad; as the brake tends to feel softer with time, to make sure the friction material isn’t worn out, which will damage the brake disc and result in a grinding sound. Also, the break could make a squeaking sound when the caliper gets stuck. When both happen, the brake needs to be changed. Don’t forget to check the brake fluid to make sure air doesn’t enter and thus, prevent the fluid from flowing, which will make the brake seem unresponsive.

3. Oil ServicingOil servicing
Oil servicing which includes checking and changing your car oil and filter is an important aspect because the oil serves as a lubricant which prevents friction in the engine, it ensures the car runs effectively and helps to increase fuel efficiency. When the oil isn’t changed, it can no longer serve as a lubricant because it’ll become old and thin. As a result, the engine will become too hot, it’ll wear out faster and eventually, it’ll shut down entirely and have to be replaced. Also, the oil filter which carries and removes dirt from the oil can eventually get blocked by them and as such, has to be replaced to avoid engine failure. In order to prevent such, especially when embarking on a road trip, it’s best to drain the oil and refill it, replace the oil filter, as well as check and fix any oil leakage found.

4. Car Servicing
Car servicing is the overall checkup of the car to know if there are any issues to handle. Above all the things mentioned above, car servicing also includes the checking and/or replacement of the fuel filter, windscreen/windscreen wipers, spark plugs, power steering fluid, light, exhaust, suspension, anti-freeze coolant, steering, wheel alignment, shock absorbers, charging systems, tyre air pressure, tyre rotation, horn, air filter, air conditioner, carburetor, engine, door locks, door hinges, fuel, car battery, electrical system, seat belts, bonnet, and so on, in case of wears so it can be fixed and replaced. With the amount of work load to do in regards to car servicing, the best is to contact Calmac Tyres Autocentre to get your car servicing in Northampton in order to get your car checked thoroughly; and fixed, if the need be.

Once your car is in the perfect condition, you can then successfully go on your road trip without any worry; no matter how long you have to travel.

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