You may be wondering what the MA390 Wireless headphone is because you may not have heard or come across it. I’ll break it down to you; the MA390 Wireless headphone is an in-ear wireless, Bluetooth headphone made by RHA Technologies Ltd who’s based in the west end of Glasgow. This in-ear headphone is kind of like a normal headset or beats by Dre, so you say, but it’s much cooler, and I’ll tell you why. Before I go on, note that this product was gifted to me by RHA but they have no control whatsoever over this post; this is my honest review of the headphone after I used it.

I need to talk about its specifications first. This headphone is made to suite all lifestyles; so whether you’re going for a hike/jog, you’re gyming, travelling, camping, doing the laundry, or even cooking, you have absolutely nothing to worry about if you’re a music lover. It has a flexible, lightweight neckband that sits perfectly on your neck, you wouldn’t even know it’s there, it blocks noise from the outside which is by far my favourite feature, the aluminium earbuds are soft, it’s sweat and waterproof so no matter what you’re doing, you can enjoy yourself, it has a high quality Bluetooth aptX audio, it’s chargeable plus, it has an 8 hour battery life and a battery indicator. It’s also super lightweight and the headphones stick together when not in use.

Credit: RHA tecnologies

Did it meet all these requirements when I used it? That’s a big “yes!” I was honestly so excited to use it when I received it and I tried finding faults with it but there was none. It came with this really cute, small black pouch which contained extra silicone earbuds, sports clip and the USB cord for charging. The headphone has an increase and decrease button for volume, an extra button at the middle (I’ll say what it’s used for later), as well as a “switch on” button which is also the battery indicator.

In order to use it, you have to connect it to the Bluetooth of your device; as its compatible with both Apple and Android devices. I absolutely love how loud it is; and the fact that it blocks noise from the outside makes it perfect because it does two things that I love. When using an earpiece, no matter how loud my music is, I can still hear noise from the outside most times but, with this headphone, the world stops and all I can hear is my music. It’s my “shut the world” kit and it does it perfectly; I have to pause my music or put it on the lowest in order to hear someone talk.

Credit: RHA Technologies

Normally, when using an earpiece, I have to walk around with my phone and I tend to hit the earpiece out of my ear plus, I can’t use my earpiece when my phone is charging because it’s not medically advisable but, with this headphone, I just have to connect it with my phone’s Bluetooth and keep my phone wherever, charge my phone or put it in my bag whilst I do whatever I want and enjoy my song without interference; I can also change to the next song by pressing the middle button twice. I get to enjoy my song and dance to it without making sure my phone is safe in my pocket or that the earpiece doesn’t get detached from my phone in the process, and the music is always really loud just how I like it. The best part is that I usually don’t feel the headphone because of how light it is. There’s nothing better than tuning the world out so I can enjoy my music despite the noise around me.

Another favourite feature of mine is that I can use it to make and answer calls. It notifies me when I have a call while listening to my music so I just have to press the button at the middle of the volume keys to answer my call whilst my phone can be anywhere, even charging, and I just have to press that button to end the call as well. I no longer have to run to pick up a call only to get there late; I just have to press a button and I’m on my call. I can also use my phone to dial a number, drop my phone and respond using the headphone. I no longer need to put my phone on speaker just to avoid the stress of holding it when I talk. It also notifies me when I have a notification in case I’m listening to music so I no longer have to keep checking my phone for replies.In-ear headphone

The battery life is also really incredible. I can listen to music as long as I want and despite not having to worry about my phone’s battery as I get to charge my phone whilst I use it, I also don’t have to worry about the headphone’s battery because its lasts long, and I can check the battery in between songs. Also, the Bluetooth connectivity is really high. I once forgot my phone in my room while listening to music (it happens a lot now when I use the headphone because I no longer need to walk around with my phone) and I walked a long distance, I realised I had gone too far when the music started getting interrupted a bit, but it didn’t stop playing.

Of all the features, my favourite thing ever is how it blocks noise from the outside and how loud it is, plus, it saves me the stress of walking around with my phone. I can walk wherever I want and keep my phone without touching it in regards to music or answering a call. This headphone practically controls everything relating to sound and I love how I’m free from using my earpiece.

Also, not to brag lol but I got a chocolate with my package, which I absolutely enjoyed. Talk about best brand ever and best product ever! There are also different varieties of the headphone so next time you’re thinking about getting a new earpiece, a loud speaker, a headset, or whatever, get this one. I’m a music person and I’ve never enjoyed so much freedom in terms of listening to music and such high quality product. This gets a 100% from me. I absolutely love it and it’s my new favourite thing plus, my friend’s love it and they always want to use it; talk about not sharing!

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