If you’re a fashion blogger, fashion lover, or basically a fashion enthusiast like myself, then you know how amazing it is to find really beautiful, fashionable items at discounted prices; in order to create the perfect outfit combo. Debenhams at https://www.groupon.co.uk/discount-codes/shops/debenhams.com are having a discount sale at the moment and I’m absolutely loving a few items on their site; plus they’re actually super affordable. Here my top 7 picks in order to create that dazzling look without breaking the bank.

1. Floral Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress

Maxi dress
When I saw this £12.98 dress, I was wowed! It’s absolutely beautiful and breath taking; not to mention that slit! This dress is perfect for a nice time at the beach, a baby shower when you want to look casual but not too plain, a picnic, or whatever occasion you feel. The floral design is one of the assemble that attracts attention to the dress and gives it that sparkle despite it’s colour. Not to mention that floral dresses are one of the major spring outfits. Paired with a nice pair of heels, you’re good to slay and show some legs.

2. Lace Summer DressLace
For £9.98, this dress is a big “yes!” First of all, the colour is bright, the gown is short, and the lace is beautiful. This dress is both simple and chic. Don’t be deceived by the name though; besides being the perfect fall outfit, it can be worn to any occasion if paired properly. It can be paired with a nice ankle boot, hair up or in a French braids, and a nice purse; or you can go with a nice pair of flats and add a pair of sunglasses to give it a flair.

3. Sasha Morel Cat Eye SunglassesSun glass
Speaking of a nice pair of sunglasses, this £5 is something I’m loving right now. Want to add a nice touch of “glam” to your outfit? This is the way to go. This eyeglass is beautiful and it can be paired with basically anything! From the spec to the frame, and those colours, what’s not to love? Cat eyeglasses have been a fashion statement for a while now and besides protecting your eyes from the sun, this sun glass is the piece that’ll tie almost every outfit together whilst making you look chic.

4. Flat Mary Jane Shoes
For those who prefer flats over heels, this £8.98 flat is the way to go. I’m a fan of flats most times and this is something I’d love to pair with either a “slightly corporate” gown or a simple trouser when I’m not going somewhere serious or when I want to look simple. Most times, we need a break from heels, sneakers or sandals and this is where flats come in plus, let’s face it, we all started out with flats and, it goes with any outfit and basically any occasion. Flats are perfect for anyone as well; mother’s, teens, grandmother’s, little kids, etc. so there’s no reason not to get one

5. Women’s Ripped Stretch TrouserRipped jean
I’m actually a huge fan of trousers and when it’s ripped, “yes!” Who doesn’t love a nice pair of fitted ripped trousers? It’s basically trouser with a flair and, it can be worn for different occasions, especially when you don’t want to look too casual. What I love about it is that it can be paired with anything; talk about those Mary Jane shoes, the cat eye sun glasses, a pair of sneakers or heels. You can even make it corporate by pairing it with a blazer and a stiletto thereby taking the crazy to the office. I’d recommend a bright coloured blazer to pull the outfit together and make the trouser stand out. So, whenever you want to spend £9.98, you know what to add to your wardrobe essentials.

6. Intense Volume Magnetic Eyelashes
I’m not a fan of lashes because I haven’t tried them out but a lot of people love them. It’s something I’d like to try out sometime and I think this magnetic lash is the best option for me because it’s removable and, it doesn’t require any glue. I think my main problem with lashes is basically sleeping and waking up with them on but with this £2.99 magnetic lash, I just have to wear them whenever I want, to enhance my lashes and take them off when I’m done. The stress of having to fix lashes have been made easy, and they’ve reusable, which is a bonus.

7. Rimmel “The Only One” LipstickLipstick
I saved the best for last. Lipsticks are one of my absolute favourite things and one of the beauty items I can’t do without. They don’t only complement the makeup but, they also complement an outfit. A lot of bloggers love Rimmel and though I haven’t tried it, this £4.99 lipstick shade looks beautiful and, look at the design! This is a must-have product for every makeup lover plus, it’s super affordable.

There you have it, the top 7 products I love that are on sale right now at a very low, discounted price, which you need to have. You shouldn’t miss it. I think my favourite has to be the Maxi dress because I’m a fan of showing legs so it’ll be a combo of “chic and sexy”; and then there’s the sunglasses that I can’t seem to get over for some reason. Either way, every item on the list is beautiful and I love them all.

Note that this is a sponsored post but the brand has no control whatsoever over this post. I chose the products listed above myself and gave my honest opinion on them.

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