If we’ve all had to move from our house to a new place at one point or the other, then we certainly know the stress involved in moving; mostly when if comes to moving our belongings, furniture and electronics to the new place. In the process of moving, if the things aren’t packed and carried with care, they can break or get destroyed along the way which is a huge mess because, besides paying for a moving company or a van to move your things, you still have to get new items to replace the broken or damaged ones.

When it comes to moving, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Arranging your items in time for the movement isn’t the hard part. The hard part is always moving the things and making sure they get there intact, in time and in good condition too. So, if you plan on moving anytime soon, here are a few tips you need to consider when moving to ensure a hassle free and easy move.

1. Clean the New HouseMoving house
The first thing to do is to clean the new house or, if anything, arrange it to your taste. You may want to get a new wallpaper, break down some walls to create space, or do whatever you feel is necessary to make the place convenient for you. You won’t want to move in and start cleaning as it’ll be stressful so the best time to do it is before you move in. So, whether you choose to clean and do the work by yourself or you decide to hire a handy man or a cleaning company, make sure the place is ready enough for you to move in; to avoid last minute changes when you do.

2. Arrange your Belongings and FurnituresShiply
Once you’re ready to move, the next thing is to arrange everything for moving day. Arranging usually involves getting rid of, donating or selling old and irrelevant things you’ll no longer need as it’ll minimize packing and create space in your new house. After getting rid of the irrelevant things, the next thing is to arrange and pack your real items in boxes.

Make sure you get enough boxes in order to pack everything separately like for example, fragile kitchen appliances would be in a different box and normal kitchen appliances would be in different box to avoid putting fragile things with hard things; and don’t forget to use bubble wrap for fragile items in order to prevent them from breaking in the process of moving. When packing, it’s best to start with smaller and less used items first as it’ll help you focus more on the important and most used items when you pack them last. Don’t forget to label the boxes so you can differentiate each item from the other and know where each of them belong e.g. labelling each item as kitchen (fragile), garage, bedroom, toiletries, etc.

3. Choose a Removals/Moving CompanyMoving company
After you’ve arranged your furniture and picked a convenient day to move, the next thing is to call a moving company to move your things to your new house. You may have to call a lot of moving companies to know which one is within your budget, which will, in fact, be stressful. So, why pass through that stress? The easiest and best way to find a removals or moving company is through Shiply which allows you to make a listing with your details of the delivery and, rather than passing through the stress of contacting the transport companies yourself, they’ll come to you instead. You can always check out the company’s profile and once you decide which one to go with after comparing prices to make sure it suits your budget, you just have to pay a small fee to secure your booking and they’ll be at your door stop in no time.

By saving up to 75% compared to when you hire a normal moving company, you get to save time as you only have to make one listing and not pass through the stress of calling different companies, you get to choose from different registered companies when they contact you, choose the type of service you want, and what price to pay; that’s within your budget. Not to mention that they move within Europe and worldwide. Everything has been made easier for you already.

4. Stay up to Date with your Moving CompanyShiply
Something will always come up at the last minute and you always have to keep in touch with your moving company so the moving process isn’t affected or, ends up being stressful. It’s always best to keep the company informed of any new changes that may arise so everything goes smoothly as planned.

After all these, you just have to move into your new house, unpack and relax. With these few tips as well as an easy to use website to find a cheap moving/removals company at you finger tip, without passing through so much stress, your next house moving will be easier and hassle free because you’ll know what to do.

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