There are so many tourist destinations around the globe, with some of them being exceedingly popular and always on top of the bucket list of virtually every traveller. Take the Great Wall of China for example, almost everyone thinking of going for an expedited passport renewal to travel to the East will most certainly make a visit to this ancient fortification. However, there are also certain destinations which are pure bliss and they are unknown to the masses.

Some of these places are exceedingly humble and have been around for centuries, making the ideal travel destinations for people who find no pleasure in going to the common locations. Here are a few of some of the most beautiful tourist attractions:

San Juan Parangaricutiro Church in Michoacan, Mexico
You may have heard about the Roman ruins in Pompeii, but there is a good chance that you’ve never heard about this church which neighbors the Pompeii sites. A good portion of it was destroyed by a volcano in 1940 and what you find now are just the remains of the cathedral.

Visby, in Gotland, SwedenSweden
This Old Town has lots of medieval ruins and what makes it unique and extremely beautiful is the expansive rose gardens that stretch peacefully into the Baltic Sea. It is some sort of a little wonder in the city and every time you visit Sweden, you should put it at the top of your list if you don’t want to be competing with the masses in the long lines. It befits the definition of a little paradise here on earth, and it is sufficient to make you go for an expedited passport renewal in order to plan for a visit soonest.

Plitvice Lakes
If you have seen waterfalls in forested areas on postcard images, then what you find at Plitvice Lakes is far more beautiful than what you have been seeing in those images. This is one of the most extraordinary waterfalls in the world, with a unique charm and beauty that is beyond describing. It features a series of sixteen waterfalls which all drain into terraced limestone lakes. The water is crystal clear and you will marvel at how they flow from one lake to another as if there are some unseen powers directing their flow.

St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, EnglandVacation
You may have heard about Mount Michael, but chances are that you have never heard about its English cousin. The mount in Cornwall features a castle and very beautiful gardens that rises proudly from the crystal clear waters of Mount’s Bay. It is a magnificent Cornish gem and one you will be pleased to have visited.

Samarkand in Uzbekistan
This is one of the most secret places in Central Asia and you will find great delight, beauty, and history if you ever manage to visit it. The beauty of this place blends together just like a magical mirage in a magnificent palace. In this place, you will find lots of ancient mosques, and a mausoleum believed to have the remains of Tamerlane. The place was declared by UNESCO as a Crossroad of Culture.

The Dazu Rock Carvings in China
The Dazu Rock carvings stretch through the mountainous regions of Dazu County and what you find here are extraordinary rock carvings which are homes to several religions, ranging from Buddhism to Taoism, and they date back to over 1000 years ago. Being here will put you into contact with the history that started thousands of years ago.

Kakslauttanen Hotel in FinlandFinland
The images that come to mind when one thing about the Arctic are images of very cold places with very little lighting, but the Kakslauttanen Hotel in Finland will be a very pleasant surprise for you. It is not only a secret place but also beautiful by the very definition of the word, featuring nicely designed igloos right in the middle of a forest. If you have ever wanted to be in the perfect place to view the Northern Lights, then you will never find a more befitting place than in this region.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the MaldivesMaldives
Perhaps this is on the list because it is undersea, so naturally, no one would know about its existence. However, it is a beautiful place to dine and wine, with the walls being glass and you can easily see the wildlife and the lots of fish variety swimming on the outside as you enjoy your meals inside.

Smoo Cave in Scotland
A single glance at this cave will make you think that it is right from Jurassic Park. The huge seaside cave is probably one of the most beautiful cave you have ever seen and also probably one of the most interesting natural features you have ever experienced. Deep inside the cave is a hidden waterfall which drops a whopping 80 feet into the placid waters down below.

Lake Baikal in Russia
Lake Baikal is believed to hold about 20% of the world’s natural fresh waters and it is not just one of the secret places in the world, but also one of the most beautiful lakes you will ever set your eyes on. In addition to these flowery attributes, the lake is the home to a rich diversity of marine life and also the home to the world’s only freshwater seal.

Green Lake in AustriaAustralia
While still talking about lakes, The Green Lake in Austria also deserves a mention in the list of beautiful and secretive places in the world. During the winter, the valley in this place is generally a park with a tiny lake, but when spring comes, it turns into an oasis of the clearest waters you will ever see anywhere, giving life to an underwater kingdom that turns the entire region into something more than a paradise.

Dambulla Cave Temple
The Dambulla Cave Temple has been around for more than two millennia and it features a complex of temples showcasing some of the most gorgeous and expertly carved Buddha statues and decorations in the country of Sri Lanka. The complex features about five big extraordinary caves and as such, it is among the unique secret places in entire world.

So next time you’re looking for somewhere to visit or spend your vacation, we’ve given you list of some of the most beautiful places to visit.

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