No matter what business you choose to venture into; be it an online business or a physical shop business, and no matter what you choose to sell be it digital products, real/tangible products, or even if you’re just offering your services/knowledge to people in exchange for money, customers are an important aspect of any business. Without customers, a business doesn’t exist and it doesn’t grow as every customer is the consumer of every business owners work. Imagine having an online shop and after putting so much money, energy and work into creating it, you have no customer.

There’s absolutely no way any business can florish without customers and when such happens, the business owner won’t make any income; which is the main reason for any individual having a business in the first place. Not to mention that a lot of workers quit their 9-5 jobs in order to start their own businesses which has the tendency of either working out well or failing.Customers

Getting customers isn’t as easy as it seems and it doesn’t just happen in a day. More so, you just don’t want customers who’ll buy and leave, you want loyal customers who’ll keep coming to you and the more loyal customers you have, the more your business will grow and the more money you’ll get. Besides, a happy customer makes a happy business owner. But, how exactly can you get these customers who’ll eventually become loyal ones? First of all, when it comes to customer onboarding, it mainly depends on what you sell, what makes your business different from that of your competitor’s, how well you treat your customers, and how your workers, if any, are dressed.

Online PromotionOnline promotion
The most effective way to promote your business and get more customers is simply through online promotion. With more than half the population of people trusting what they see online, and not to mention that almost everyone has access to the internet, the best way to kill two birds with one stone is through online promotion. Now, social media’s like instagram, Twitter, and Facebook offer paid advertising for very little money and the ad is seen by thousands, if not millions of people. By simply promoting your business through this means, you’ve put your business in the public eye and it’s up to you to turn those new customers into loyal ones.

If you don’t trust the paid ad, you can as well promote your business on Facebook groups/instagram pages, interact with new people and tell them about your business and what you can offer, tweet about it regularly so a lot of people see it, tell your families and friends to promote it for you, or you can even promote it on your local newspaper or radio station. But I guarantee that by doing both the paid ad and your personal promotion, you’ll get a lot of customers. A second means of online promotion is through Google ads as you can easily create the add through your Google ad account, Google will display it on different sites (as adsense) and you only pay when people click on the ad. Best part is that you can choose the amount you’ll pay per click, Google will do the rest for you.

Make Use of Bloggers/VloggersBlogger/vlogger
There are so many bloggers/vloggers now who you can easily use to your advantage and best part is that you only pay for the services while you sit back and watch the customers come to your business. Most people usually trust bloggers’ review on things and they end up buying the recommended item; either that or they click on the referral link in the post and purchase the item. In order to promote your business through the use of bloggers/vloggers, you can either pay them to write a sponsored post for your brand (which also gets you quality backlink and helps your business/site rank high in search engines), you can as well send them products from your business in exchange for a review either on their blog, vlog or social media channel.

They can as well become promoters of your business by promoting a referral link for your products on all their channels which results in sales as well. A fourth option would be to pay them to create and add your site’s linked banner/logo to their site. Not only does your business get noticed when the linked banner/logo is seen but, your site also gets backlink which is good for your business.

Give DiscountsDiscount
This is one of the easiest and best ways to promote your business and get customers. Ever wondered why a lot of businesses make more sales during black Friday? It’s because of the discounts. Once you give discounts and promote the product, the minute one person sees it, they’ll tell another person and eventually they’ll all purchase from the site. Discount is like a business Christmas because it attracts so many customers and if you deliver in a short period of time and sell quality products, those customers will turn into loyal ones even after the discount period is over.

There are so many ways to promote your business and still get customers; it’s just up to every business owner and how they utilize their resources to make everything work in their favour.

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