After a cold and snowy winter, followed by a beautiful and colourful spring, summer is finally approaching; the period when the days get longer and the weather gets warmer. The time when people relax by the beach, get tanned and enjoy the warm weather. Summer is also the time to travel and explore beautiful places whilst relaxing and having fun. It’s 2018; the year to explore new places and the best place to visit this summer is one of the most beautiful countries on earth that’s filled with a lot of historical attractions and culture; Egypt.

Egypt is naturally a hot place and during summer, it’ll be hotter but, the hotter the better. It’s a magnificent place that attracts tourists and, it guarantees an unforgettable trip this season. With so many places to see and so many things to do, you won’t want to leave. The first thing to do when you get there is receive some spa treatment. But, who says you have to go to a spa? The Gabal Dakrou in south eastern Siwa is the perfect place to get it done; it is known particularly for its hot sand healing features in which you get buried up to your neck in the hot sand; resulting in an amazing result afterwards. It’s unique, natural, and effective; certainly gets you and your skin ready for the summer weather.Egypt

After that treatment, it’s obviously time to visit the beach/sea and have fun. The first exceptional place to visit is the Cleopatra Bath; also located in Siwa, a great pool to cool off and relax in from the summer heat. But if you want to do more than just swimming or relaxing, the best place to escape to is the North coast which guarantees lots of fun at the beach, with swimming pools to cool off, and restaurants to grab a bite.

The Dahab’s eel garden is also the perfect place for diving and snorkeling. It is home to some marine life like the sea grass ghost pipefish and eels that spring their heads from the sand only to back in again. With its crystal clear water, it is an amazing beach and diving spot for anyone looking to go beyond swimming. Also, the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, known as the “world’s leading scuba-diving destination”, known for the Red Sea which has crystal clear water, is perfect for windsurfing, snorkelling, kitesurfing, diving/scuba-diving, jet skiing, and a whole lot of activities.Summer in Egypt

It’s certainly not an Egyptian trip if you don’t explore their historical attractions like the pyramids, temples, tombs, shrines, and churches, most importantly if you don’t go camel riding under the burning sun; just don’t forget to take lots of water especially, carry a hat, sunglasses, and use a tan lotion with high spf. Attractions to visit includes the the Unfinished Obelisk, Egyptian Museum, Rommel’s cave museum, Karnak Temple, the White Desert, Philae temples, Sphinx, the River Nile, Valley of Kings tombs, Giza pyramids, and the Ruins of step pyramid built for pharaoh. You can also go on a walk/hike, through the Colored Canyon to get a great view of nature. Finally, the trip isn’t complete without Egyptian food and cuisines. Going to Egypt for the first time, there’s a lot you can eat like their sogo2, molokheya with bread, koshari, barbeque, kebda, renga salad, pasta, Mahshi, kabobs, sea food like squid, samak sayadia, and shrimps, the list is endless.Camel

Egypt is certainly a must see this summer and it’s a trip you’ll always remember because there’s so much to do and so many places to go in so little time that you might end up over staying. Sure the weather will be hot but it’s a magical place to spend your vacation away from the city and it’s drama; just to relax in a truly natural place. If you’ve decided to go to Egypt this summer; which is a great decision, you can book your holiday through this link: https://www.holidaygems.co.uk/destinations/egypt/hurghada and enjoy the best summer yet.

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