After a cold and very snowy winter, finally, spring is approaching; the time when plants spring and trees come into blossom. Besides, we’re still in the month of March; the month of international women’s day and mother’s day. The time when ladies have to go on a “treat yourself” spree. You can basically treat yourself with anything, ranging from chocolates to jewellery, a new phone, or something you really need but, what better things to treat yourself with than fashion and beauty products which will definitely reveal any woman’s feminine side? This is the month of women and we have to look extraordinaire and like the queens and goddesses we are! In order to showcase your feminine side more, here’s a list of a few must have beauty and fashion products you need, which will also be useful for spring.

1. PerfumePerfume
Perfume is certainly a must have in every woman’s wardrobe or dressing room! Not only does it make us smell good but it also makes us more attractive and confident. A good fragrance is a necessity but, deciding which one to get might be a problem. Questions like: “Is it long-lasting?” “Does it smell bad afterwards?” “Will people love the smell?” “Is it meant to have a choking smell?” and so on comes to mind when deciding what perfume to get. And with high end brand products which might be expensive, we don’t want to break our piggy bank in order to smell nice. I’d recommend the Clive Christian Perfume gift set for her which is the perfect feminine perfume to get.

As one of the finest perfume brands in the U.K., it is made from a range of exquisite fragrances crafted with rare and precious ingredients, which will guarantee a nice, feminine and long-lasting scent throughout the day. Besides, when you order a fashionable outfit for a day/night out, you’ll need the perfect perfume to boot and Clive Christian’s perfume which is specifically made for women with the right fragrances is the right choice because you have to look and smell like a queen.

2. Makeup ItemsMakeup
Looking good isn’t all about wearing the finest clothes; you also need makeup from great brands to complement your whole outfit. There are so many amazing brands to go for but, we don’t want to own our very makeup store by purchasing every makeup item, do we? Based on a product reviews I’ve done, I’d recommend the Anastasia beverly hills modern renaissance palette, which is a palette that everyone has fallen in love with! You can’t use this palette and not fall in love with it. With its subtle and undertoned shades, you’ll create the perfect look fit for a queen and, without breaking the bank.

The Huda beauty foundation is another makeup item to add on the list. This foundation is long-lasting and water/sweat resistant so no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, you’ll have the perfect foundation that stays on throughout the day without smudging off. When it comes to makeup brushes to create the perfect blend, the Spectrum or Indy Luxe brush set is the way to go. Absolutely flawless, soft, vegan and cruelty free brushes which ensures the perfect blend of makeup.

I’d also recommend getting the Huda beauty lipstick as well (my fave brand). I absolutely love her long-lasting lipsticks; especially the “red rose” shade which is just so beautiful. It’s perfect for both day and night outing. When it comes to makeup, I can go on and on but that’s not the only thing we need so I’ll stop here.

3. ClothesSpring
Spring isn’t complete without a few essential outfits, which ranges from a pair of white jeans to a bomber jacket and a nice pair of wedge sandals or converse. Brands like Miss Guided, ASOS, Forever 21, Boohoo, and so on will definitely be working on loading their store/site with the ultimate sprig outfits that’ll transform any woman into a queen. Why not go on a “treat yourself” spring-shopping-spree and give your wardrobe an overhaul? You can never have too many clothes; especially when it’s ladies month.

With the right perfume, the right outfit and the perfect makeup, any lady is guaranteed to look and feel like a queen this spring; both on the inside and on the outside. It’s ladies month anyway, why not “treat yourself” to something new?

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