This incredibly rich country has a long list of places you must visit. With such a versatile offer, tourists usually end up dealing with the top of the list, and certain items on it end up not getting the attention they deserve. To balance the things out, we have done the tour of Australia for you and pointed out some of the best urban areas, as well as some of the best peaceful, natural destinations.

Northern TerritoryAustralia
If you want to focus on one part of NT, make it the Top End which is its far northern part. One place you should definitely visit is the state’s capital, Darwin. You will be able to see and feel its multiculturality through its food, markets, and festivals. From there you have several hours before you get to the nation’s biggest national park, Kakadu National Park. It offers a variety of tracks you can take and enjoy its natural beauties involving wildlife, mountains, rock formations, creeks, rivers, springs, and waterfalls. It is also a place of great cultural significance as you can witness Aboriginal rock art and visit some of the tribes

QueenslandTravel guide
With Brisbane on your list, you will get a chance for a city-escape full of excitement, with versatile nightlife, food, and wine for every taste and incredible cultural richness. Travelling only about an hour or so away from Brisbane, or two hours by public transport, you will get to an incredible wildlife reservoir, the Australia Zoo. It is run by the Irwin family and it is a legacy of the famous late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. As a first-time visitor you will probably not be able to see the entire zoo in one day, so you can stay overnight in one of the nearby accommodation facilities to finish the tour.

New South WalesNew south Wales
The Sydney Opera House is probably Australia’s best-known landmark. Needless to say, Sydney is incredibly versatile when it comes to the content available to a tourist. With astonishing nature surrounding it, it offers a number of bushwalks varying in length from one hour to one week. The Great Coastal Walk is one of the best long tracks in the area. It is about 100 km long. It runs from Barrenjoy to Cronulla and it passes through several urban areas. The coastal walk includes some of the most vivid romantic sceneries of the Sydney coast.

VictoriaVictoria, Australia
The state’s capital; Melbourne is the number one urban area you should visit in Australia. This fast-developing multicultural city prides itself on being Australia’s sporting and cultural capital. It does not lack content to fascinate anyone regardless of their age and interests. It features incredible nature and wildlife with Phillip Island being only a short drive away from the busy CBD. You can get to know the penguin colony, its koalas, kangaroos, wales etc. Apart from the wildlife watching it is as pleasing as any other tourist destination offering its beautiful beaches and exciting sporting and cultural content.

South AustraliaSouth Australia
Adelaide is the capital of this southern state and definitely one of the destinations on your map. Even though this is Australia’s fifth largest city, it has an air of serenity about it. It is a go-to destination for art lovers with its many museums and world-renowned galleries. It is surrounded by rural areas, one of which is Glenelg, a thriving seaside village. Apart from the beach, it offers numerous tourist activities and it is particularly appealing to families with children.

Western AustraliaWestern Australia
The world’s most secluded capital, Perth is the place to start from. You will have absolutely no regrets for visiting this city with its rich tourist offer. However, what surrounds this city is even more stunning. Western Australia has many famous trails and thus is ideal for walking holidays. Some of them will allow you to visit urban areas, as well as the heritage sites on the way. The longest of the walking trails is the Bibbulmun Track and it is worth your time and deserves an extended holiday.

Often unjustly overlooked Tasmania, is an island state of the south coast of Australia. It offers some of the most epic sceneries you will ever encounter. The capital is Hobart and it is famous for the cultural and historical content. The state’s most prominent attractions involve its terrain, plants, and wildlife, as well as history. About 51% of the land area is covered in national parks and about 8% of it is water.

Getting to know the entire land down under would take a lifetime. That’s why it does not hurt to know where to look for a glimpse and a quick preview of everything that’s offered and get a full feel of true Australia

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