It is said that the average woman changes her hairstyle about 150 times in her lifetime. These changes include cut, color, or shape and are usually tied to some major events like a birthday, special event, or breakup. Studies also show that 88% of women say their hair impacts their confidence. When deciding to change up your look, keep in mind that certain shades and hairstyles are going to complement your overall self, not just your hair, and each color comes with its own unique characteristics! Have you ever thought about what your hair color says about you?Hair color

If you’re a brunette, you portray a hard-working, versatile, confident and practical persona. Brown hues add dimension and depth to your look. Because there are many different shades of browns, try a mix of caramel or honey highlights to brighten up your look. One of this year’s big trends is actually bronde, a mix between blonde and brown!Blonde

Speaking of blonde, everyone knows that they have a light-hearted, approachable, youthful and open-minded personality. Just like brunette, there are different shades of blonde and it’s hard to spot a true natural these days. Trends like icy and strawberry blonde were very popular in 2017 and continue to be into the New Year. You can also look into a balayage to mix up your color.

Black and red are very rich colors that take skin tone into consideration. Black is the most common hair color in the world and red is the most rare. Black hair portrays introspective, mysterious, modern and exotic while red is more playful with a spicy, alluring and individualistic character. Finally, there are those bright colors that show off the most confident people who aren’t afraid of a bold change.

When selecting hair colors, it’s important to keep in mind your overall look like your eye color, hair cut and fashion. Using a customizable at-home hair kit can ensure the color is personal and the right formula for you.

The way you wear your hair also portrays your character. Short hair styles are deemed more professional because it is said that you are taken more seriously. They also show confidence because it seems as if the wearer has nothing to hide. Women with long hair are more carefree and youthful. Because it is harder to tame longer hair, it is sometimes seen as lacking maturity and toughness. Next, you have straight hair which means you’re a perfectionist, wavy hair which shows a creative side, and curly hair which is more fun-loving and wild. If you’re looking for some new style ideas, try these hair trends for 2018!Hair

Taking all of these hair characteristics into consideration, do you agree with what your current hair color says about you? What do you think it should say? Are you interested in trying a new color for the new year?

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