Winter isn’t over yet, that means the weather is still cold which usually results in dry skin. But, a lot of people naturally have dry skins which sometimes causes breakage, peeling of the skin, and also a dull looking skin. Unlike oily skin that glows, shines, and is always soft, dry skin doesn’t always look great and no matter the skincare products or creams you use, your skin always ends up dry, which isn’t good. How can you treat dry skin and restore it back to its shining glory? These are my tips that actually work

1. Always Oil your Skin:Dry skin My skin most times is always really dry and I found that no matter the cream I used, it always ended up dry after a few hours; until I started using oil. Oil has lots of vitamins which keeps the skin looking soft and radiant; that’s why most parents use baby oil for their infants/growing children as it has a lot of health benefits. Now, I use natural coconut oil and my skin has never felt or looked better because, oil made from fruits which contain natural vitamins is always good for any type of skin.

Coconut oil has a lot of health benefits as it moisturizes the skin, decreases wrinkles and age spots, balances hormones, as well as keeping the skin moist and soft throughout the day. I realised that oil; particularly natural oil, not only keeps the skin healthy but it also softens the skin and prevents it from being dry despite the weather. There are also healthy oils you can use to enhance your skin health like carrot oil, almond oil, olive oil, or basically any natural/organic oil that contains vitamins; esp vitamin D.

2. Choose Hot/Warm Water over Cold Water: I noticed that whenever I took a bath or showered with cold water, my skin was always dry afterwards and because I barely used cream which wasn’t helpful, everything enhanced my skin’s dryness. Whenever I decided to use hot water, I noticed that my skin was soft afterwards. Why? Cold water makes anything strong and when used on the skin, it makes it strong and dry. But, hot/warm water softens and when used, it makes the skin really soft and penetrable. When oil is applied after a hot bath or shower, it penetrates the skin, thereby performing basic functions whilst making it soft. Always opt for hot/warm/lukewarm water to keep your skin soft.

3. Stay out of the Sun: The sun definitely isn’t good for the skin and most especially for dry skins as it makes it even worse, whilst damaging the skin cells. Staying out of the sun is one way to make sure that your skin remains moist and soft. If you must go/stay under the sun for a long period of time, it’s recommended to apply sunscreen or moisturizer – with vitamin D – containing no more than SPF 30 to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays whilst remaining it’s moisture and keeping your skin soft and healthy.

4. Always Opt for Water:Glass of water We’ve probably all been told to drink water every single time; but is it even worth it? Yes, it is. Your body needs a lot of water and, in order to maintain a healthy and softer skin, your body needs to remain hydrated regularly. Not drinking enough water causes dehydration which can affect your skin and leave it dry. Also, you want to use organic products that either provide water to your skin, or enhance the rate at which your skin absorbs that water in order to keep your skin soft, and glowing.

If you can’t drink water regularly, opt for fruits like water melon, orange, apple, pineapple, etc that contains water which will not only give your skin and body the water it needs, but will also give it natural vitamins and enough nutrients to maintain a healthy skin. In addition to drinking enough water and consuming hydrating fruits, there are other ways to ensure that your body and skin stay hydrated. One such method is IV therapy in Washington, which involves delivering fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins directly into the bloodstream through an intravenous line. IV therapy is a popular option for people who need to quickly replenish fluids and nutrients.

In the end, taking care of a dry skin boils down to using natural and organic products like natural oils, drinking enough water, staying out of the sun, eating fruits, and living a healthy lifestyle. Our skin adapts to whatever we use as well as our environment and if we stay in an environment with harsh weather conditions without oiling our skin or staying hydrated on a regular basis, it can lead to having a dry skin which isn’t good in the long run.

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