I’ve been searching for an eyeshadow palette in forever and although Morphe and Urban Decay have been on my list since forever, I didn’t get either one. I was shopping for beauty products online and the minute I saw the Modern Renaissance palette, I fell in love with the shades! I was a bit hesitant about getting it at first but a friend of my mine on insta got it and she said it was amazing so obviously I had to get it as well. After using the Huda beauty foundation which I absolutely loved, I thought about getting her palette but decided to go with a different brand instead and here’s what I thought about it.Modern renaissance paletteI’ll start with the packaging as I was really impressed by it. It came in a pink/peach/pastel (somewhat related colour) package (not my favourite colour) but it felt girly and weirdly enough, I loved it. On bringing the box out of the package, the body (featured image) felt really amazing! It was so soft; I think it’s made of fur, and the gold and white inscriptions of the name on it was really pretty. Honestly, my favourite thing about this palette is the body because of how soft it is; and you can’t even tell till you touch it; I just couldn’t stop touching it. Now to the shades. The shades a really nice, the reason I bought it anyway and I love how it’s a mixture of mostly matte and less shimmer so I get to choose if I want to go natural or sparkly; as well as a mixture of both bright and dark colours.Anastasia beverly hills The first time I used it, I went for Burnt Orange – which is less orange and more like nude – for my top lid. There wasn’t any black shade but there were darker shades like Antique Bronze and Cyprus Umber. I chose Antique Bronze as it was darker, which I used for the crease and (slightly) the outer layer of my eyes to give more definition to the nude. It wasn’t all that showy and wasn’t too noticeable which made it great because sometimes I feel weird with bright colours but this time, I felt really comfortable. And for someone who hasn’t used an eyeshadow in years, I felt quite okay with it. It blended really well; like super great, and the brush is extremely soft! It was so soft, it felt like I was using a feather on my eyelids and I didn’t want to stop.PaletteThe brush has two ends; one for the lids and the other for the outer layer/crease. They both blended the shadow perfectly and got it everywhere without any smudge or having the shadow fall on my face; though it touched my lashes but I’m guessing it’s normal. I love how the shadows are pratically all undertoned and perfect for any occasion and outfit. They’re not too obvious; perfect for a simple look, and regardless of the shades you mix, it always looks good together.My favourite shade has to be Antique Bronze because it’s such a beautiful shade and it goes with practically every other shade in the palette as well as being perfect for adding definition underneath the lash line; and when mixed with Love Letter, it’s the perfect “girly with a hint of black” combo. Although there are certain looks I want to try out; like the Smokey eye that I can’t create with this palette but I’m enjoying it at the moment with simple neutral colours and I can’t wait to try out more eyeshawdows because this palette ignited my love for shadows and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking to add something new and subtle to their collection.

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