Hair dryers are a great part of every girl’s life. They help you to stay in style and are a big help in keeping your hair dry and volume. There are many reasons to thank hair dryers. However, we often miss out the signs of getting our hair dryers replaced and end up disappointed. Many might not know but your hair dryer needs to be replaced often and you should be vigilant about its signs. You have to notice those signs and replace your hair dryer in time. There are some signs that you will also notice when you dry your hair. If you are in search of a hair dryer, then here you will find a list of top 10 hair dryers for 2018

Let’s see what those signs are so you can see for yourself and replace your hair dryers in time to get smooth results.

1. It Gives a Weird Rattling SoundHair dryerYou will be able to know instantly when your hair dryer starts to sound like it’s carrying few tiny pieces inside it every time you move it. However the sound usually comes from broken impeller which pushes the heated air from the dryer after the air has been sucked inside by blades through the vents. You can get the impellers fixed but they cost a lot and the repairing cost might be more than the original product. That’s why it’s suggested to replace your dryer when it rattles.

2. Filters Can be ViewedFiltersWhen you are able to view the filters through debris, know that it’s time to change your hair dryer. They just work like your car filters and the filters in your hair dryer can be clogged too with hair and debris. It is a clear sign that you need clean filters. You can try doing that with any old toothbrush but if it isn’t being cleaned. It’s also probably time to say goodbye.

3. It Sounds Way More Nosier
Yes, it’s a clear sign that you need to replace your hair dryer when it starts making way too much noise. The sound is usually a screeching sound with high squeaks; and when that happens just know that something is stuck in the blades. It can usually damage the hair dryer or in the worst case scenario; you might get hurt if it catches fire. It’s never a good sign if the noise is louder. You should not take the risk and get your hair dryer replaced as soon as possible.

4. It Gives you Frizzy HairFrizzy hairWhenever you dry your hair, you lose the shine and natural volume instead, your hair becomes way too frizzy. Your hairs looks lifeless and rough after each dry. This is the sign and you have to even consider the frizz control as a feature when buying a new hair dryer.

5. It isn’t Tourmaline or Ionic
Hair dryers have become more efficient than before and they have a sole purpose of keeping your hair dry and smooth at the same time. Here’s what ionic and tourmaline hair dryers do. Ionic hair dryers have the specialty to keep your hair natural and frizz free by keeping the natural neutral ions in the hair. When your hair is completely wet, they are most probably charged with positive ions. The modern hair dryers are made to balance out positive and negative ions to keep the neutral balance of ions in your hair. Also ionic hair dryers are known to restructure your hair strands. Tourmaline hair dryers do somewhat the same thing. However such hair dryers do have a specific property of using gem stone which helps the hair dry rapidly while restoring and natural shine.

6. It Takes a Lot of Time to Dry Your Hair
What more proof do you need that your hair dryer needs to be retired right away? This is a really important feature; if it can dry just in the same time with cold or hot air then you need to rethink your hair dryer choices. It usually happens when your hair dryer is quite old. You shouldn’t keep a hair dryer that is older than 5 years. After 5 years, even the greatest hair dryers lose their ability to work efficiently and that’s why you should definitely get it replaced after 5 years.

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