Post by fashion expert, Amy Mia Goldsmith. Those of us who opt for going to the gym regularly have our reasons for doing so – it’s either losing a couple of pounds, getting fit or buffing up a little bit. None of us actually go to the gym in order to meet someone (even though it can happen), so we tend to take our oldest clothes to the gym with us. However, feeling beautiful in the gym can give you that extra boost, motivation and confidence that we sometimes need. And achieving that is not difficult at all. Take a look at these tips on how to look and feel stylish and hot at the gym:

Hair Up!

Tame your mane. There’s nothing more impractical than wearing your long hair down while working out. Yes, a ponytail is one of the choices, but that one is also overrated since it can get on your face and your neck, and you don’t want to soak it with sweat. Instead, try other hairstyles that are more appropriate for the gym, such as the fishtail braid or a topknot.

Use Nude Makeup

There’s nothing worse than your foundation and mascara running down your face while you’re lifting those weights, correct? Even though wearing makeup in the gym is somewhat inappropriate (since you came there to work out), wearing makeup of nude colours can sometimes be a good idea. First of all, it will tone down the redness of your face while you’re working out, and secondly – it will boost your confidence which will probably result in a more productive workout. So, for the gym, go with a light base and a nice moisturizer. If you own waterproof mascara, you could apply it a bit on your eyes, and if you add just a touch of a lip balm you’ve got yourself a nice look for the gym.

Sports Bras are Very ImportantSports braOne of the most important pieces of clothing, when training is concerned, is having a sports bra that is appropriate for your body. According to many fitness instructors, a good sports bra is imperative and the most important piece of any training kit. The wrong bra size while training can lead to several health problems such as pain in the back and bad posture, so investing in a good one can really save some potential future problems.

Wear Cool StuffDressWe can definitely all agree on this – cool sports clothes give us the best motivation for working out; and they look cooler with nice headphones. Due to this fact, it’s never a bad thing to invest a lot into proper sports clothes. However, the word “proper” cannot be emphasized enough, since many tend to make the mistake and purchase gym clothes only because they look cute. Since the leading companies such as Nike and Adidas are a bit overrated and they tend to have skyrocketing prices, there are companies that produce high-quality gym clothes that are extremely trendy and nice. Purchasing, for example, beautiful and high-quality Ivy Park sports clothes can motivate you even more. The most important thing is that the material is breathable and that it lets you move freely while working out, and such are the pieces of Ivy Park.

Feel Free to Accessorize

Accessories can either make or break your gym look, so you should carefully choose what you’re going with. Nice headphones are a must, since you can play your type of music and motivate yourself even more while working out. Moreover, you can always invest in high-quality and super cute training shoes (as you can find them in literally all the patterns), and a nice gym bag to go with them. If you want to wear jewellery in the gym, be very cautious. You can pull off a leather bracelet for example, but never overdo it. Finding your own gym style is very important for your self-image and the way you feel about yourself. Also, it can be quite fun to choose outfit combinations for the gym. Luckily, athleisure is one of the top fashion trends nowadays and it could be quite easy for you to find exactly what you want and like!

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