Though we’re still enjoying winter with our cozy sweaters and boots, but doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan for spring next year as 2018 is fast approaching and almost upon us. Not only does spring mean that we get to see all the fresh flowers and enjoy the wonderful spring evenings, but we also get to give our wardrobes an overhaul! However, there seems to be the age-old problem of knowing what clothing trends are in when we decide to buy our best outfits this season. To ensure that you’re covered and looking on-trend here are some outfit tips to try out next year.

White Jeans
The white jeans are set to be the pillar for a range of your spring outfits. The reason for their popularity is that they are available in a range of different designs and can be worn along with a variety of different outfits. There is the skinny style of jeans which will look great worn with casual pair of Converse or Vans. But there are also the chicer flared jeans. These are great for a great summery sunshine vibe and will look great with a floral shirt and a pair of wedges.


Bomber Jacket
The spring months can still give us some mild weather, and for them days, you will need the always reliable bomber jacket. They are great because they can be worn with a lot of different outfits with the most common being a casual urban outfit with a pair of jeans and trainers. The other option is to wear it is as part of the sports luxe trend where you can wear a bomber jacket instead of a blazer and wear it with a shirt and pair of cropped trousers.

Street Style
The rise in the popularity of streetwear has been evident for the past couple of years, and it is going to be a big trend for spring too. Usually, you would associate most streetwear items with going to the gym or lounging about at home but this is no longer the case. When going about most of your day-to-day tasks, it’s now okay to wear a t-shirt, leggings and running trainers. For those that love comfort over style, this is certainly the trend to follow!

Wedge sandals
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Wedge Sandals
Just as the re-emergence of fresh flowers are associated with spring, so should the annual return of the wedges! There is no doubting their stylishness, but the reason they are most popular is because they can go with a lot of the traditional spring outfits. As mentioned, they’ll look great with a pair of white jeans, but they are also great with maxi dresses and a nice handbag.

So with these outfits tips, you can start spring shopping ahead of next year so you don’t have to worry about what outfits to go with.

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  1. I remember having white jeans, but I never wore it that much. I don’t know, but I always assumed people who have more meat on their body wouldn’t look good wearing white jeans. Of course everyone should wear what they want. I tend to go for dark jeans or black leggings ? Those shoes are cute!

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