We all like our small rituals and we are comfortable in our daily routines, but when it comes to skincare you might want to step out of your comfort zone every now and then. Every season is different and we should change our skincare routine accordingly, in order to keep our skin healthy.

Spring tricks

Spring is that magical time when we feel invigorated after spending months fighting snow, rain and cold. We fall in love with warm air, spring greenery and the chipper of birds. Months spent indoors and the lack of sun has likely affected your skin, so spring means you could do with some glo-up. Keep your makeup light and natural, allow your skin to soak up some sun and swap your powder foundation for a cream version, as it will help your skin retain moisture. Also, you might want to start exfoliating more often, as pollen and dirt might clog your pores easily.

Summer treats

You will likely be sweating a lot, so you should try staying hydrated. Use lip balms, hydrating skin and hair masks, serums and creams to ensure your skin stays healthy, and drink plenty of water

In addition, you might try wearing minimum of makeup at least during the day, so you don’t end up with your foundation melting and staining your clothes. It’s also imperative that you exfoliate on regular basis, more often than in spring, so you might want to switch to a bit gentler exfoliators.

Autumn must-haves

This is when the cold starts making us uncomfortable and harsh wind and rain make us use raincoats and umbrellas. Just like in summer, your skin is at risk of losing moisture, but not due to high temperatures, but cold winds. While your soapy scrubs have been the best possible choice for summer and they did wonders for all the salt and sand on your skin, soap will leave it dry and flaky in autumn. Creamy body wash and oil-based exfoliators are the best, seeing as these will leave your skin well protected and hydrated. Similarly, you should swap your body lotion for a nice cream, as these are thicker and provide a stronger oily barrier which keeps your skin well protected in the cold. This is also the perfect time to invest in good lip balm and hand cream, as you will be using these in winter as well.

Winter hacks


Heated indoor spaces and cold, dry air outside are a powerful combo which will make your skin lose its natural glow. During winter most people struggle with chapping, itching, and redness, and you can try to avoid it with a few simple hacks. Even though you might want to shower in water hot enough to turn your bathroom into a steam room, you should choose lukewarm water instead, at least when you’re washing your hands and face; this way you won’t strip oil from your skin. Always wear gloves, scarf and a hat when you go out, and use a humidifier when you’re indoors. Use the time you’ll be spending inside to apply hydrating face masks and make sure your skin is getting much-needed moisture.

Things that never change

You might have noticed that certain tips don’t change, regardless of the season. Magic skincare trio includes: moisturizer, collagen, and products with SPF. These three should be in your beauty bag during every season and regardless of your skin type. You might want to change moisturizers every season, but there should always be one in your beauty bag and you should always use it. When we get into our twenties our bodies start to lose collagen, and if you want to keep your skin’s elasticity and glow you should try using best Premium Marine and Fish Collagen, as it will be good for your nails and hair too. In addition, products with SPF are lifesavers every season, because our skin is exposed to the sun all year long, even if we don’t see it, and lip balms, foundation, and even moisturizers with SPF will do wonders for your skin.


Keeping your skin healthy is not easy, it takes a year-round maintenance and often a lot of effort on our side, but it is worth it in the end. You might have your favourite products and your established routine, but you can also try something new every once in a while – you never know what your skin will love until you give it a go.

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