As a a blogger, I cannot over emphasize how many times we lack the motivation to come up with and write blog posts. Luckily, I was able to manage my time over the holiday blogging, alongside other things. But now, schools, uni, and other learning institutions have resumed meaning we have to create a new blogging schedule so we can manage our time and get things done as well. If you’re or are not a blogger in need of some management advise, you can contact Marty Stallone who deals in management.

I’ve seen so many bloggers tweet about how hard it is to manage blogging and uni; even blogging alongside work. I also struggle with blogging and uni; most especially because I’m currently in my final year and I have a lot to do; much of which involves working on my thesis and as an English lit student, reading a lot of books and getting some work done. So at the moment, managing blogging and uni is very difficult; mostly now that I’ve noticed blogging once a week isn’t enough to gain exposure.

In my previous post (link above), I advised staying up late to write posts because of how busy we are during the day but with uni work to do, it has become difficult to find time to write any post even in the night mostly because I’m either reading, writing, or both. It was always easier to manage blogging and uni before I started my final year but somehow it’s way more complicated; but I still try my best to work through everything without neglecting my blog or my work (my work is generally everything that concerns uni). How do I do it?Uni

After lectures and I’m back in my room, I’m mostly always on my laptop working on my thesis and because I do my blogging on my phone, it’s always easier to switch from one to the other. I work on a post after I’ve spent hours on my uni work so I don’t feel like I’m neglecting it or I haven’t done much. When I noticed I’ve done a lot of reading and typing, I take a break so I can rest and most of the time I leave my room so I don’t think too much about getting back to what I was doing. This is usually the time I save a post to my draft and do everything that needs to be done so I can go back to my work.

Afterwards, I check my class schedule to know when I’ll be able to publish the post which is usually around 1-3pm; though I’m barely free by that time during the week so I push the publication to the weekend which is a bit easier because I don’t have classes then so all I have to do is read and I don’t have to write any post. I usually don’t schedule my post to go live at a particular time so I have to manually do it myself. By this time, all I have to do is publish and promote the post, so I can spend more time getting work done and it’ll be a bit easier because I would’ve gotten two things done and still have enough time to focus on my work without neglecting my blog.

Sometimes it’s much harder because everything I couldn’t do during the week gets pushed to the weekend so I have to joggle blogging with other activities but so far I’ve been able to publish a post every week by carefully managing my time and trying to get my schedule in order so I don’t miss anything. Although after writing the post, I also have to re-read it as well as take and edit photos for the post. So I do that when I wake up on a weekday before preparing for classes or over the weekend when I haven’t decided what to do and then I edit the photos in the night when I take a break from my work and I can use it in the post.Blogging

There you have it; my complicated way of managing my blog and uni without neglecting either one. I literally feel like Marty Stallone who takes risk when it comes to management because planning all this out and actualising it is a risk which all works out well in the end

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  1. I find time in the day to write a blog post and still find time for college work. I tend to write a post that works around my class schedule. This semester, everyday there is time to blog in the morning.

  2. I can remember when I was in my final year, it was a struggle to keep up with my posts st first but then somehow, I decided to take my blog seriously that same year and I had to learn balancing them. Thanks a lot for the tips?

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