Huda beauty

This is a brand I’ve seen around a lot but I never tried it; until recently. I needed a foundation because I didn’t have one and when I saw huda beauty, I was excited to get it and unlike other foundations, it was a perfect match with my skin tone so I didn’t hesitate to get it. I finally tried it and what did I think about it? Was it a mistake? Good or bad? Too light? Doesn’t last long? Water proof? Sun proof? A disaster? Too oily or too dry? Read on to find out what I thought about it.

At first, I used concealer under my eyes and on my upper lip for a bit of coverage before applying the foundation. After trying it out, I can say the foundation is really amazing; it blends really well and dries off quickly; giving my skin a smooth and powdery finish. It toned my face really well and I loved how it looked and felt because there wasn’t any shine on any spot; just an even finish. It went really well with my setting powder as well and it was just the perfect look! Although, it was a bit orange but I loved it.Huda beauty

There was full coverage and it was really smooth on my face. I went out with it, did a lot of work with it, and stayed with it still on till past 11pm and it didn’t smudge or come off. When I tried to clean it with facial wipes, it didn’t come off easily. So besides offering full coverage, it’s long lasting. It’s also water proof which is just great. I can say that it’s really amazing and my face looked baked the whole day; until I decided to take it off.

I chose the liquid matte foundation because I have an oily skin which usually makes my face shine a lot due to the amount of oil produced. And because matte foundation absorbs facial oil, the foundation made my face look dry and baked; giving me a smooth, flawless, yet natural look. And although my face became oily after a few hours, the foundation stayed intact. I’ve tried out a few foundations in the past, and this is my favourite because it did what I expected, and even more. Is this a foundation I’d love to keep using? Yes; but I need to try out more to see which is best. Have you tried out any Huda beauty product?

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