Looking good in a job in the service industry is crucial, with a big part of roles involving helping or serving customers, like a restaurant waitress or a banking assistant. But with such jobs being quite demanding and on the go, staying comfortable is important too. Thankfully, there are places to go to get a stylish and comfortable look, from high-street clothes shops with businessy lines, like Next, to sector specific online retailer sites, like Simon Jersey Restaurant Uniforms. So what should you think about to feel most comfortable in a services industry job, without comprising on style? From light fabrics to heavy accessorising, this blog aims to help.

Light and Flexible Fabrics
Finding fabrics that are light and cool, like silk and linen, are great for looking good but staying comfortable in a services industry role. Jobs like a waitress in a cafe or an attendant in a bank involve a person being constantly on the go and continuously dealing with customers through the day. So fabrics that are soft, aren’t heavy and allow for good movement are ideal. Tops and blouses in soft, light fabrics, like silk or crepe de chine, could be ideal for a woman who wants look elegant and feel comfortable in a financial services role. Comfortable linen victoire trousers can also look stylish, while boot-cut styles in polyester and wool can give good flexibility in the legs for those jobs when you’re constantly on the move.


Comfortable Footwear
When considering the right shoes for a role to bring comfort and style together, heels aren’t really a good a choice. While a good set of heels can be the finishing touch for any woman’s work outfit, they don’t often provide much comfort and aren’t ideal when you’re on your feet all day. So it’s good to know there are other shoes that can still offer style, with a lot more stability and comfort.

Wedges, platforms and chunky heels are all good choices, which can look stylish and modern, while nicely cushioning the foot. Light and airy flats are also becoming more accepted and fashionable in the workplace, as attitudes to women’s dress codes at work have changed – especially in modern and trendy companies and during warmer months. With flat styles, though, it’s best to choose a design that doesn’t have a narrow toe box to give your toes room to breathe.

Tailored Looks and Accessorising
While skinny and slim styles are, and continue to be, fashionable, tailored designs can create a professional, stylish and comfortable look – ideal for demanding service industry jobs. A trendy tailored blazer teamed with smart, tailored trousers are good examples of clothes that could work well. Or, for a more feminine tailored look, a ruffle front or wrap dress could offer good movement, while adding a sense of style and allowing you to stand out to customers – ideal for a front of house service role, like in hospitality.


Finally, a good way to feel stylish is to upgrade a more basic, but comfortable, outfit by going heavy on your accessories. You could add some striking jewellery, like a pendant or drop necklace, to bring more elegance to a look. Or add a smart crepe scarf to sharpen up an outfit, for instance, in a financial services role. Accessories can even be used to add shape and style to an outfit. A classy belt, wrapped around a simple long and light cardigan, for instance, could help create a look that’s stylish, tailored and comfortable.

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